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Is This Scaley Face ?

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I was just reading another topic and saw a photo of a bird with scaley face. I am a bit worried that my bird may have it and I didn't even realise :huh:


This photo was taken in November but the only change is that the cere is more a lightish brown now as opposed to the dark.


Oh and we bought our bird as a male but I suspect you will confirm for me that "Jack" is actually a female :lol:



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On the beak that looks like abit of scaly face to me. No harm in treating it anyway. If you do not have some iverctmin spot on you can put some olive oil or vaseline on the affected area, carefull not to put it in the nostrils. Definitly a hen.

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Personally it looks like a hen in breeding condition, I don't see scaley face.

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Thanks for your answers. I will attempt to get a better photo tomorrow. Jack is a bit camera shy :lol:


On the topic of him actually being a her, I thought that females didn't talk ? She sits nattering away to herself all day. She has quite a good vocabulary. Will never talk when we stand there but if she can't see us happily says all her words.

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I also see the beginnings of scalyface by ignoring the breeding condition cere and looking at beak only.

Hens do talk. Often as it is a commonly held belief for males to be the talkers, poeple just dont bother teaching the females. Another old wive's tale that is perpetuated :lol:

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Hi I spelled ivermectin incorrectly. It is spelled IVERMECTIN

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