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Thank you again to Mr Nigel Tonkin BCSA President for forwarding this and for permission to repost it here.






Coccidiosis is a particularly serious disease for the fancier because it happens so quickly and can kill many birds of all ages within a matter of days. My first introduction to this 'Bug" was in our 1st season breeding when we had all these babies dieing, called my local Vet who put us onto Dr. Harry Cooper. Please remember I am talking about 1986 when there were not many Veterinarians who knew anything about birds.




Dr. Harry being a breeder, Judge and Vet had researched this 'Bug". Coccidiosis is spread when one bird eats faecal material from an infected bird, which contains the infective stage of the coccidia (small egg-like bodies called oocysts). The oocysts in the droppings need moisture and warmth to mature. These oocysts can be seen in a 'faecal' smear and that is what he saw


at this time so put us onto a Coccidistat called Amprol Plus.




Mind you, this medication was sitting in our Services Section and our Branch Services manager did not inform us of this type of medication and what it was for. After this episode, when the position became available I took it over and made sure all our Branch members knew what all


the products were and what they were used for and even though I don't have a Services Section any more, I still advise breeders about these basics.




We were advised to have concrete floors, which we had, except for one small section, and that is why it all started. It was soon concreted over.




The Coccidia like as it says above moist warm conditions and being summer at the time, it had both. Moisture from rain, and also from the humidity. We in the warmer climates have a lot of moisture from humidity, and if one observes carefully you will see the droppings swell at this time.




As we know the Budgerigar likes to pick at the droppings, getting some of the nutrients it does not get from it's diet, one being Vitamin B12 so each day you will see them down there having a pick. All part of nature.




As it happed to us, we had the sudden deaths of birds, and now a days if there is sign of rain then the preventative measures go in.




The signs and symptoms of Coccidiosis.




Sudden death of birds within a week of rain or high humidity.




Watery droppings on aviary floor


A sudden decrease in noise level and activity in birds – this is a universal sign of sickness not necessarily Coccidiosis.


Birds fluffed up on perches, they are weak and they tremble. The "go light" probably from lack of food and water.


Dark tacky green droppings sticks to the tail feathers and around the vent, and on the floor.


Ill birds go to ground and pick around.




One may also be able to smell that something is going on as the droppings get a characteristic smell – a sign that a secondary E.Coli infections is happening as well.










Current treatment is:


Baycox or Carlox for 2-3 days as per instructions on the bottle, then treat with an antibiotic for 7 days for the infection. e.g Baytril or Sulfa AVS. In Australia these drugs have to be dispensed via a Veterinarian. In some parts of the world they do not even have a Veterinarian let alone a Avian Veterinarian so this information is relayed to them in the hope that they may be able to buy the products on the open market.




Preventative Program




Treatment if one can get the products is




a) Coccidistat like Baycox which is the preferable treatment. Treat birds every 4-6 weeks and in times on heavy rain then more frequently especially if using Coccivet.




B) Coccivet – a Vetafarm product








The one thing in the preventative program is concrete floors; this prevents the bug from breeding in the soil and remember intestinal worms and canker (trichomanosis) can also breed in the soil so you are preventing 3 things.

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Really interesting read and timely advice to all those experiencing this hot weather and using water to cool their birds B)

Thank you Mr Nigel Tonkin and Trish B)

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Really interesting read and timely advice to all those experiencing this hot weather and using water to cool their birds B)

Thank you Mr Nigel Tonkin and Trish ;)

I agree i was worried about using my misting system in summer,but i have concrete floors and use baycox at least every 2 months and i figure at some stage the cocci will have to dissapear if you keep treating them and not introducing new birds.They can only harbour so many coccii should think

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We have found that it is an easier, longer-lasting and more effective way of cooling our birds to hang a wet towel over one end of the aviary/cage so that any breeze blowing through the cloth or towel is cool for the budgies.

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