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Jd's Toe


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JD sits on one of his toes in a real strange way.



Closeup Image:



When he was a cute little fluffy baby the toe was a lot worse and would actually be turned under and sitting next to the 2nd toe from the left!

I have read that it could be a lack of calcium and could have been caused by a lack of wires in his nesting cage when he hatched.


I could be wrong but aren't budgies supposed to have a Zygodactyly toe layout:



He does eat some cuttle bone and I have given him some egg shell. Will it get better as he gets older or should I do something about it now?



As I post this he is singing to the music playing. very out of tune though.

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hi laurie


can he walk propely or dose he hobble because i had a budgie that had a weird looking toe and he could not walk well at all but when he got older he was fine.


hope he gets better

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Budgies are meant to have two toes forward ands two back. What you have described as a chick indicates lack of calcium when he was growing from chick to fledging. Has nothing to do with lack of wires in his nesting cage when he hatched.

There is little you can do about it now and it wont seriously affect him at all. Would be different if he was a show budgie and expected to perch properly. Three toes forward is reason for disqualification.

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It is not uncommon in young chicks for this to occur. For others reading this, if you have a chick with an extra toe pointing forward it can be straightened by retraining the toe. It can only be done when they are grown and should be done by a vet or someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing.

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I personally wouldn't be worried unless you notice it causing him pain or problems.

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Thanks for the replies, I think I'll leave it.

He's not in any pain and walks fine.

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