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It's been awhile so i thought i would give you guys an update, tameness wise he has not come much further, he still dislikes being anywhere other than his cage even though i try to stimulate him as much as possible he still just goes striaght back to his cage as soon as he sees it, if i dont give in and let him inside he would spend hours just sitting there on top of it, its really sad as i wanted him to explore and he never really has... but i'm still sticking with him, never say die! he got a new playgym for christmas and he enjoys spending time on that :)


well here he is in all his glory once again,


this is him ontop of his new playground he got for christmas



him playing with his ball on his playgym



on my shoulder trying to make it to my head



again on my shoulder...



ontop of my laptop being a fatty



sitting there...



sitting there again...



i hope you enjoyed :)

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very sweet andrew he is a honey

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He's looking good there Andrew, how old is he?

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thanks for the kind comments, he is coming up upon 12-13 months :)

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He is a real cutie - they are great photos!!

(looks like you have the same laptop as me too :) )

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a video of him preening and singing :huh:

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Oh I love him!!! What a sweetheart.

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awe that is okay he will come around, put his play gym on top of his cage :huh: that is what I did with Pretty since he loved his cage too. He is a doll, thanks for sharing.

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