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My Bird Family. Bunch Of Pictures.

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Pictures of my bird flock.


Mungo the quaker parrot and Albert (nanday conure.) Preening is a new development

in their relationship, I mean very new, they've been doing this for a few days. They used to

hate eachother. Albert had a girlfirend Ronda who died as a result of an accident and we figured

we should get him a friend to keep him company. Since I live in Estonia and there aren't many

nandays available and we were lucky enough to find an ad about a quaker parrot and since in nature

nandays and quakers live closely together we thought that was a good idea. For a few months

Mungo disliked Albert and he didn't know how to communicate with him (he hadn't been around

other birds, but he's not tame either.. he doesn't bite you when you touch him but he growls

and would much rather be left alone, so we don't press that matter. :D) Mungo warmed up to Albert

and Albert stopped being such a jerk since Mungo is a rather serious um, guy.. Albert used to do

all sort of stuff to annoy Mungo. They slowly became kind-of friends.. they were friendly to each other

when they were bored. ..I guess they really like christmas because today they were side by side preening

eachother which is something they had never done before. ..They are both boys by the way. :D










(that's what happens to your walls if you get birds..)









Mungo and Chadwick:



Marvin and Clara (nandays):

Clara is a feather plucker. We got them in the summer, their owner passed away and

her relative inherited them. Since she wasn't a bird person she started looking for

someone who knew anything about the species and that's how we got them. We've

changed all the environmental factors we could think of and it seems that there are

feathers growing back to her shoulders.. but I don't know.






Chadwick and Cora:






Cora and Chad's chick (who should go to a new home in a few days):


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Great pictures :D They all look very cute :D

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Awww theyre so lovely. Its nice that Albert has allowed Mungo to be his friend. I too have a quaker and a conure. My quaker came first, my conure was an outdoor bird. There were introduced slowly and I worried about them fighting, but within two weeks they loved each other so much, they started sharing the same "apartment". My guys dont play with budgies though, I dont have pet indoor budgies unless I am taming one for someone else, and budgies tend to lose toes if they land on Saffy and Morris's cage - so budgies live in my room when being tamed lol


Thanks for sharing. Are Nandos loud birds? I have heard they are almost as bad as Suns?

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awesome pics, thanks for sharing :happy-dancing:

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Ohhhh I LURVEEEE Nandays :laughter: .. hubby wants Suns though, which is good.. It means i just get to add MORE to my little flock hahahaaa :(


Cute birds :laughter:

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