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Concreting The Aviary


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After christmas I am going to be putting rapid set cement over the bricks in my avairy. I am moving the budgies into cages while i do it and were going to put them in the breeding room next to the aviary. Does the concrete give off fumes while you are working with it? Will the budgies be okay being near?

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my dads is a concreter i will ask him later when he gets home but im pretty sure it doesnt because when i work with him you don't have to where any breathing protection and it doesn't really smell either.

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Breathing in the dust from dry concrete is not good for humans... you are meant to try not breath it in. But that being said, you never see workers wearing masks. I'd try and keep them as far away from it as possible when you are laying it, but once wet and drying... there shouldn't be a problem.

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Concrete doe NOT give off harmful fumes - but getting wet concrete on a bird would not be good. Keep the birds away from the concrete while it is being put down, after that it will be fine.

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