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$$ Compare Your Vets

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If my bird was sick I would take they to the vet down the road from me as they have better opening hours and I trust him with my birds, however for a general check up and wing clip I will go with the cheapest as it's just a check up.


My big thing is normally I get home around 6pm and I notice a bird is not well I know that I can call them and run the bird down there within 4 or 5 mins.


A few people have PMed me (both on this board and others I have cross posted to) and asked why I would clip my birds wings and why pay for it why not do it myself. The quick reason is that I have to clip his wings while he is in boarding for saftey reason after I get back from overseas I will let them grow back out so he can fly around my study. As for why I do not do it myself, he hates being touched round the head so I don't want to stress him out and it's someone else being mean to him not mum I don't want him to associate with me with this expereince and then for me to nick off for two weeks.

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Wow the prices really vary a lot don't they.


I rang my local vet the other day to ask about a wing clip and a health check and was told $25.80 per bird, so I'm thinking that's pretty good now after reading this thread! They said the health check though is just to check over the bird and look at skin and feathers etc - no mention of any tests, so probably be extra $$'s for those if they're required.


Been reading through the forum on the for's and against's of wing clipping and finally decided that it's probably the way to go for my two. Just have to make the appointment now.

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