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Okay I need to vent....


I have a lady come into the store and say:

"I just brought a few birds, and I dont know if I need a licence for them or what type they are. Could you tell me?"


OMG! THERE IS SOOO MUCH WRONG WITH THAT QUESTIONS. Obviously im concerned, I calmly say, sure bring them in... and I sus out the situation.


She walks in with a blue ringneck and a lorikeet. SO I start with the ringneck. I take the bird off her and have a look at it. Okay health, but skinny. I ask her what she is feeding it? Yer yer seed mix blah blah. But you wanna know what? Its a baby... so of course its not eating, cause its clearly not weaned!!! JGDIUGDWUGDEGGRR

So I explain to her about hand rearing feed etc. All is good. The person she brought it off said they were both boys. No DNA test - no way of telling. I tell her this.

Lorikeet looks okay.


I ask them... Where did you get your birds from.


THE BACK SEAT OF A GUYS CAR AT THE CARRIBEAN MARKET! OMG! (you can tell I aml livid when I have nothing to say). She says, oh I felt sorry for them- windows up and its hott. BLAH BLAH BLAH! OMG YOU ARE ENABELING HIM BY BUYING THEM! STUPID STUPID PERSON!

People poo poo pet stores, but you would never buy birds like that from us. If we were to do something like that we would have the world on our back.


SO anyways off they go.


That night im laying in bed... OMG! WHAT ABOUT THE LORIKEET!? I didnt even think to mention its food. I didnt ask them what they were feeding it. DAMN I had no way to contact them.


But thank god today they call and say... Umm our birds have things crawling on them...MITES. So in they come again and we have an opportunity to ask them about the Lori food. As we suspected... they were feeding it seed. STUPID MAN THAT TOLD THEM!....


I love my job because I can make a difference with the right advice. But I hate days like this that make you sick.




Not to mention people that call up asking if we want wild caught birds.... UM DER! NO WAY STUPID! Your lucky I dont know who you are to report you! GRRR.


Oh and the people that bring in A NEST full of rosellas. " Oh we were watching this nest today and it was abandoned by the parents....." Oh really!? Your the expert!? Funny that they have FULL CROPS! Now you have ruined a nest of birds. You will have to rear the babies and you will never be able to release them. STUPID!



Obviously all of this said with a sweet smile and a reassuring voice. BUT INSIDE ME THINKS YOUR STUPID! GGR

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I guess you can just do what you can, when you can and hopefully educate people as you go - even if only one person at a time

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it is very sad and it is everywhere too

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This sucks! However I sort of feel for the lady, I might have done the same thing but at Least I know a little more then she does. I have bought birds that are not well or in bad conditions to get them out of the situation because it is to hard to just to walk away knowing that the bird will mostlikey die if left in these conditions. I know that it enables the person to sell more in the same condition and I know I can't save them all but I also know that if I don't buy/convice the person to give me the bird then someone like the lady will buy it and end up in a word of hurt.


A few days ago someone brought me a young King Parrot and said that it was sick and they found it could I look after it. I took it up to my local pet shop, they helped me feed it and found a resuce place that is going to take it on to be put into a zoo avairy. I am not sure that the person did in fact "find" the parrot but more likey bought it and then could not feed it and brought it to me but she should be doing well.


It's a sad situation. I just wish i could do more.

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Sorry to hear about your day. Least you can make a difference to the people that come in...

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:) yes the birds too... makes you wonder how many similar instances you don't hear about...
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Oh and the people that bring in A NEST full of rosellas.


thats crule if a nest is there i never take it even if i think it is abandon.


well i never even go near them enyway because thay are most likly to go abandon if i mess with them.

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god I dont know which story is more disturbing. As if you would pick up a nest of birds and take it to a petstore. Have these people not heard of a telephone to ring around and ask for advice far out, that is just bizarre. People really are stoopid.

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