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How To Post A Topic

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Here are some very basic instructions for any new members who might have troubles getting around BBC and working out how to post their first few topics.


How to Post.


1) Click "The Budgerigar Breeders Club Inc. Budgie Community Forums" link which can be found on the left, just above the Advertisement near the top of every page.


2) move down the page and read the titles of the forums and choose which one is most suited to your question


3) Click the title of the forum you want to view


4) When you are in your selected forum you will see a list of all the different topics people have posted.


5) To post a new topic in the forum chick "New Topic" seen at the top right of the list.


6) Fill in the form and click "Post New Topic" to make it visible to everyone.



How to Answer a topic


1) Repeat steps 1-4 of "how to post", to find the topic you created or read other topics that interest you.


2) click on the title of the topic to read it.


3) scroll to the bottom of the page and click "AddReply" to reply to the topic.


How to post Pictures


Click on this link to see instructions on how to post pictures ----> Posting Pictures


ADDED to Welcome Center in FAQ's

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Brilliant Liv !! Many thanks for writing this up :anim_19:

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