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Loss Of Feathers

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Good afternoon


I hope this is the correct area and is not a silly question :)


My budgie is losing heaps of feathers :) I am not talking one here and there, I mean heaps. I could stuff a cushion with them :)


Is this just a normal moult or could there be something wrong. He is eating, drinking and pooing normaly. Also talking and singing as usual. Could it be because we are coming into the warmer weather ?


I am not sure how old he is. We bought him at the beggining of March and were told then he was about 6 weeks. But after posting photo's here at the time the general consensus was that he was younger.


Anyway, I just wanted to check that it is a normal episode and I don't need to rush him to the vets :)



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Sounds like he is just moulting - some moults are heavier than others.


one cause of a heavy moult can be a change in diet - this type of moulting can be so heavy they get bald spots.


It sounds like your budgie is having his first moult, and there is nothing to worry about :)

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My last budgie was a heavy moulter... so much so that on two occasions he ended up with a totally bald forehead from his cere to where his head stripes began :) and on one or two others dropped all his tail feathers at the same time so he had a real stumpy look to him :) Consequently I was forever chasing feathers around the living room :) He did get quite grumpy and lethargic around moulting time, so he was alwyas pampered with lots of veggies and birdy num-nums around these times! My current budgie doesn't moult nearly as much thank goodness!

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I tend to agree with the others. Just remember to offer him lots of veggies etc... as moulting is very stressful and he will need these nutrients ^_^

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Have you got a photo of him .....

I am thinking along the lines of moulting as well, No chance of mites is there?

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Another point is always keep your budgie warmer then usual during a molt because it is stressful. I notice Merlin will have really heavy molts and then the next molt is light but long lasting. With artificial heating and cooling it really can really cause some odd molting. :laughter:.

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Thanks everyone for all the helpful replies.


I don't think it is mites. He did have these not long after we got him and was treated. I have looked as closely as I can, without actually holding him (happy to sit on my shoulder etc and talk but god help me if I try and pick him up :hap: )


I will try and take a photo tomorrow.


I have been offering veges but he just doesn't seem to be interested in them. I have sprinkled seed on them also. I have tried apple, carrot (a piece and grated) capsicum, cherry tomato, cucumber and pear.



I understand what you mean totally. When I get up in the morning I am expecting him to be bald LOL :laughter: Yes he is also losing tail feathers.

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Just thought I'd give an update.

I never did get around to taking a photo sorry.


We have been away for the weekend and I have come home to a punk bird :rofl: He looks hilarious with lots of new spikey feathers coming through. Very cute :rofl: .


thanks again for all your help.

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I love the Moulting look ....

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  • 1 month later...

Just thought I'd bring this topic up again as he is losing feathers again at an alarming rate :rofl:


Could it be due to the heat we have been having in Brisbane the past couple of weeks ? Or is it possible he is unwell ?


Thanks for your guidance :rofl:

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It could be the weather but if you are worried then maybe a trip to the vet might be helpful... does he seem to be losing feathers all the time or does it stop for a period of time and then start again??

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No he isn't losing all the time. It was happening when I posted that last topic but then started again around Thursday of last week. It has been insanely hot and humid here so I was just wondering if that could be the cause. If I was a bird I'd be wanting to get rid of some feathers to cool down lol :rofl:

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yeah, sounds like another moult then. odd weather patterns can do that unfortunately... Birds don't have calenders to check out what the weather is meant to be like :rofl:

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Thanks Jimmy. He is otherwise his normal old self.

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