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Phat Tony, Precious, Fonz & Frodo!

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Well guys...

Here are the post first moult photo's of my first 4 ever bred show chicks :D

Don't mind Precious by the way, she's still half way through hers :hap: She's always been a bit behind the others :hap:


s1.jpg - Phat Tony


s2.jpg - And his mug shot


s42.jpg - Precious


s3.jpg - And her mug shot


s5.jpg - Fonz


s6.jpg - And her mug shot


s8.jpg - Frodo... Best shot i could get of him!!! He refused to hold still!


s7.jpg - And his mug shot :D


I'll have to get another photo to add in of his "boof" in the morning when he's in the aviary as he refused to show it off to the camera in the bathroom.


How do you all feel they're looking :D??? I personally think pretty damn good :hap: But then again, I am VERY bias :wub: :hap:

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very beautiful budgies.

l like the flecking marks on your hen.

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Looking very good Libby. Phat Tony has lovely spots. Precious should be called Freckle :hap:

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Gorgeous birds Libby. :hap:

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I agree, she should be named Freckle LOL!!!

The amount of flecking on her is ridiculas, considering she was clear capped as a bubba :P Then on spot showed up, then two... and so on :o

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They are very pretty, I am amazed that budgies can have SPOTS but not come in PINK hehe...anyways....the first one reminds me of Merlin's look :o, great job.

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YAY !!!


I have been keen to see how they were going! :o simply beautiful ........

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WOW look how they have grown!!!!!


They look brilliant! :o


stick a postage stamp on Frodo and flat pack him to cousin Liv please :P

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They are looking great Libby, I know it’s a show fault, but I like those Opalines with the flecks & man has Precious got some fleck, I haven’t seen one with such definite ones. She’s got great “Blow” I think they call it. But you can never tell I have an Opaline Light Green that had massive amounts of Black on her head & I thought would be good to breed a Black Budgie from. That was after her first moult now she has moulted again & not a sign of Black on her head, strange.


I like Frodo too, I prefer the Green [Yellow] Fallows.

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They are looking fantastic Lib... and I do LOVE those flecks :)

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They look gorgeous Lib! You must be very proud :fear ;)

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Guest DrNat

You know something, where show breeders see faults, I see opportunity to advance a new variety - the black capped budgie! If you want a different result, you have to do something different. Also, the flecking may moult out. The australian national budgie show is on in perth this weekend. You should go have a look if you haven't already. http://www.wabudgerigarcouncil.com/ for details on 2008 budgie nationals.

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GORGEOUS birds Libby! Are Precious and Fonz sisters?

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i am in love with this


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i was wondering how fatz was going and thought wounderful spoted hens

love to see pics now if avalibal

they are so beautiful you should be very proud

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