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First Cabinet Breeding

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Awww. Congratulations :wub: They're so cute and little.

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i got 4 little babies now, except the older babies do not look little anymore compare to the new one. it is so tiny compared to the other ones. i think the older ones are pinching all the food. it hatched last night but still does not have much food in its crop.


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They look like they are doing great. The little one should be fine. some give them a little top up for the first few days if the parents are a little overwhelmed - i haven't done it before so i don't know the details of it though.

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Congratulations Deb :sad: So happy for you :(

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Awww :wacko: Looking great Deb!

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The 5th baby was dead in the shell and 6 and 7 eggs are clear so i have ended up with 4 bubs which is still pretty good for my first cabinet breeding.Here is a pics of my cuties who mum and dad are looking after very well.


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Oh, sorry for your loss. It's hard no matter when they die. (((Hugs))). Your four look really good. Similar stage to mine, although a little bigger... they can grow up together ;)

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congrats they look great keep us posted as they grow

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