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My First Cabinet Pair

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Fluro and Missy paired up in the aviary and she laid two eggs, but I didnt want anymore clutches in the aviary. I brought them in, with the eggs. I dont think she sat well on those eggs, after being moved and working out her new home. A week later though, she started laying again. She has 6 eggs in total, but I am guessing 3 will hatch with any luck. Her first baby came yesterday. I was so pleased. She is being a very attentive mummy and Fluro is being a wonderful dad. I didnt choose to pair them up, so it will be very interesting to see what colourings the babies are. Fluro is a light green spangle and Missy is an opaline violet (though the pictures dont show her as being violet). Im not fussed about the babies colour, I like the idea they chose each other and Fluro is quite a nice type of bird.

This is Fluro


Fluro and Missy in the box


Missy (I dont know why, but for some reason I dont have any aviary pics of her and I have aviary pics of most of my birds, so this isnt a great picture of her, taken in the breeding cabinet)


And their first baby :hap:


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Congrats Tracy!!!!

The bubba's sooo cute!!! :hap:

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Congrats, they are beautiful birds

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A nice pair Sunnie, yes Fluro is a nice looking bird with wide forehead, if he’s split for Blue you should get some Blues & Greens if not only Greens & something like 50% Spangle, some Normals, Spangle Opaline & of course like you say maybe some surprises. Good luck.

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Well Done ....... Can't wait to see more

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Thanks all for the lovely comments :)

Thank you Norm for giving me some kind of idea of what they will produce. A friend/breeder gave me Fluro for my birthday in January, I have just emailed her to see if she can let me know what his parents were, as Im curious now to know whether he is split to blue.

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Congrats on bub number 1!!

The parents are lovely :)

I am so excited about breeding in a cabinet - I cant wait to do it myself and I will really enjoy reading your updates :huh:

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Congrats on your first (of many) bubs. What a sweetie. I hope all goes well with the rest of your eggs. They make a cute couple and I can't wait to see the results. I love it when they pair up on their own! :)

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Second bubba today :wub: Will have to get to the petstore today as I am out of wood shavings, so I can make their nest nicer.


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Awwwww :P Yah for bub two!!!

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Congratulations :P

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The third baby arrived yesterday ^_^ I will be pleasantly surprised if I get anymore, but three is great :)


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that is great that 3 have hatched for you. They grow so quickly, it is amazing the difference between the eldest and youngest.

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Congrats on bub 3!! ^_^


Looks to me that the egg pictured in the middle, will hatch soon :)

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Yah... :(

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just an updated piccie of Fluro and Missy's babies.


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Awww, they are looking cute as :)

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Congrats, so i am guessing that only 3 were fertile

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Yeah, but that was my guess and three is a good number :D

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Updated piccies. All blue series babies and I think the first two are going to be spangles? Maybe the last will be opaline like mum, I have no idea yet, but they are doing really well :wub:

Baby 1



Baby 2



and lastly the little one......Baby 3



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They are looking great Sunnie...maybe the last one might be a Normal. It's head looks a little too dark for an Oplaine.

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Two spangles and a normal i'd say as opalines should have clear white down :wub:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Latest pics of Fluro and Missy's babies

Baby one


Baby two


Baby three


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They're gorgeous Trace!

Can I have one posted pwease!!!! :rolleyes:

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Thanks Lib.........baby 2 or baby 3? cause Im not sure if baby 1 is available yet lol ^_^

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