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Rule Reminders And Changes

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As you may have noticed, we have had many new members joining up, and also a lot of behind the scenes work on the forum. Welcome to those new members and thanks to all involved in the updating process. Due to both of these, I thought it might be handy to remind everyone of a few rules that must be followed. I have included the links and also the information so please make sure you read them all.



Using shortcuts.



We have been having some issues with many members using shortcuts in their posts. Most of them are not permitted, and it takes time for the moderators to fix them all up. Our time

is better spent working on other areas of the forum. Could everyone read the information below. Please make yourself familar with them. I know now days many people use short cuts while on MSN and mobiles, but it is not hard to get used to using proper english.

Internet Text Shortcuts (or slang).


(What is meant by this: Enuf, luv, thanks, woz, plz, phun and so on.) There are many, many people of all ages and languages that frequently visit this forum. English is hard enough for some people when it is their native language. There are people that post here that English is a second or even third language. Not everyone knows what shortcuts mean. It is like slang - if you're not from that area you don't understand what is being said. We want this forum to be as friendly, fun, and informative for everyone as we can make it, and one way we do that is to not allow text shortcuts in posts. It is not difficult to type your responses using proper English. However, we do allow a select few of the very commonly known internet shortcuts which are listed right here: LOL (Laughing Out Loud), brb (be right back) and OMG (Oh My God). Members may only use these selected internet text shortcuts when it is appropriate. If you are found using text shortcuts in your posts and messages you will be contacted and asked to stop. If you fail to comply with our requests on this rule we will then take appropriate administrative action against your account.


Here is the direct link to this information: Board term and Conditions


We have also had a lot of picture of late being posted oversize. This also means more work for the staff as they all need to be turned into links and a reminder posted in each post. We have also changed the allowable size for photos as well, so I thought a refresher of how to post pictures would be handy too.

How to post images.

Picture/Image Sizes: MUST be 640 x 480 pixels or under. It is understood that not all images can be resized exactly, but if this is the case, you must attempt to get the pixel dimensions down to as close to 640 x 480 as possible. Sizes deemed to large by Administrators or Moderators may be removed from posts. Follow this to upload your photos to the forum for use in any post you make:

1. Join Photobucket and click "Join Up - It's free". Fill out what is needed and upload your pictures by logging into your account. It is a very safe and user friendly service.


2. You will need to click on the tab "my albums" followed by the sub-tab "albums & upload" once logged into your account. This page allows you to select where your images are located. In most cases, this will be on your computer. If this is the case, select "my computer" in the grey section entitled "from" on the left side of your screen. Before clicking "choose files" (which is where you will select your images to upload), be sure to select 320x240 pixels (medium) OR 640x480 pixels (large). SIZE is a big issue with photos, so remember to adjust this before uploading any files.


3. To choose the photos you wish to use, click on "choose files" and you will be directed to your computer files. Select the files you want to upload and click "open". The files will automatically start uploading to Photobucket. If you wish to upload more than one file at a time, you can use the bulk uploader. This link is found just below where you would upload individual files. Photobucket will confirm your upload and ask you to enter image information. Enter this information and click "save and continue". Your photo(s) are now in Photobucket and can be used on our forums.


4. Your uploaded images are now displayed below the image uploader. If you wish, you may click edit. This will take you to the new edit features. In here, you can crop, change colours and do almost anything to your photo. The most important feature is the RESIZE. Click on this button and enter your dimensions. If you make any changes to your image, click save and either overwrite existing image or save another copy.

5. To go back to the main Photobucket screen, click on "albums & uploads" (top left hand corner)


6. To add photos to your post on our forums, go back to the forum making sure you keep your Photobucket page open. Either start a new topic, or reply to one. When you want to add a picture, simply scroll down to the picture you want to add and click on the IMG code. This will copy it. Then go back to your post and paste it there (either ctrl v, or right click and paste). When you preview your topic or post your topic, your photo should appear and be the correct size. Please ensure your photo is the correct size by right clicking on it in your post and selecting "properties" and check the image dimensions. Ensure the dimensions are close to 640x480 pixels. If not, please remove your newly added code and repeat steps 2-6. If you are still unable to get a correctly sized image into your post, please make a new topic in this forum and staff will help you out.


By all means you can use other photo editing programs and hosting services, just remember to always put the IMG code into your posts and replies. For members, it can be annoying when you have to click on numerous links to view members photos, just because they can't be bothered resizing or don't know how. Often members will bypass your post and not even read it because of this. Please try to keep to the size limitations and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of the staff. We are happy to help if you are willing to have a go and follow the rules.


Here is the direct link to this information: How to post pictures


Please remember these new sizes do not change the allowable size for signature and avatars. This info can be found in the Board Terms and Conditions. These size restrictions also need to be followed. If either is found to be over sized, you will be notified and given time to re-size or remove it. If this is not done, a staff member will remove it.


The proper use of the SHOUTBOX area.........This area is NOT for "hi, where are you" chat. It is for public announcements and also for emergencies and information sharing. If you want to say HI to someone PM THEM please.



This is just an update on the proper use of our PM facility.


PM's are for:-


1. Friendly contacts between members


2. Used for contact for any FOR SALE birds or WANTED TO BUY inquiries instead of posting direct contacts like email addresses or phone numbers which is not allowed.


3. Notices being sent to members from staff and also from to staff from a member with a question or difficulty related to forum issues.


4. Used to assist a member with posting issues





1. PROMPTING other various members to answer their topics or posts. People will answer what they choose to answer in regard to topics that interest them and in their own time as it is available to them.


2. Not for abusing or harrassing other members


3. Not to be used for solicitation or promoting other forums or sites.




Thank you everyone for understandng. All staff on the BBC are volunteers. Many of us have families, work full time or part time and have other interest. We volunteer here because of our love and dedication to budgies, birds and this forum. We try to make the BBC run as smoothly as possible, and your assitance in these matters will make our job a lot eaiser. It will also free up our time for the fun things around here :D !


Thank you again, maesie (Global Moderator)

Edited by KAZ

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Bumping up... Please read everyone!!!

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Re-bump! Please read these rules, especially if your posts are constantly being edited by staff due to the use of Short cuts.


id also like to remind all members to use punctuation when posting many members seem to forget to use capital letters and full stops basic punctuation learnt in primary school without these posts are very difficult to follow and understand please take the time to use these and proper english reread your post before posting and use the spell check function



Now again as it should read:


I'd also like to remind all members to use punctuation when posting. Many members seem to forget to use Capital letters and full stops (Basic punctuation learnt in primary school). Without these, posts are very difficult to follow and understand. Please take the time to use these and proper English, re-read your post before posting, and use the spell check function.

Edited by maesie

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:( We've had many new members who have joined up recently. Please make yourself familar with the rules as it makes for a better experience all round with happy members and staff... :) Edited by maesie

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