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hahahah is the Budgie with the beetroot stains in your siggy the same one with the spinach stains at the beginning of this thread? B) what a mucky chops if it is... one really should learn to use a napkin, bib even :D^_^


What can I say...Sebby likes to make a mess of herself and anyone that tangles with her - LOL!!!!!!!!

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No colony breeding. In the process of setting up a new breeding room. Previously I have used the garage, smaller aviary - hexagonal aviary - or I have enclosed one of my semi-enclosed pergolas

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I cut up and added some new gum tree branches earlier today. It was quite an ordeal (click the word ordeal to read what happened)


Anyway, here are some pics.


The aviary as it looks now.



The view that they slightly lose, but the trade off is worth it.



Various eating, chewing and hiding. You can see why only green birds blend into the native foliage.










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A few more shots


outside looking in



wilde prefers lower perches than the others, always has



Sebby prefers higher perches



getting closer



real close



everyone in a row now



pretty colours



Ino genes don't allow them to hide well


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I wish I lived closer I would love to see your aviary in person, when you take a picture of it without the aviary in the shot it makes it look like they are in a lush rain forest. They look wonderful!

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that is the aim. Everyone has different expactations. Some people breed show birds to win that first prize. Some people own pet types as companions. I prefer the look of show birds, and one day I will take show birds very seriously, but for now, I amhappy to have my birds live in peace and comfort, with a natural looking setting, where the can have some fun and be entertained

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I have made a few modifications in the aviary. I have replaced some of the "play gym" with dowel perches. This will provide more perching spaces for the birds, and better exercise as they fly down to the seed and back up.











I have kept the play gym at one end, so the birds have something to fly to and to climb on, and I will keep some branches lower, so those that prefer the lower positions can be accomodated.


It is still a bit messy, but if it is sunny tomorrow, i will finally be able to clean the aviary up.

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I love the look of your aviary Dave. :)


Do remember that by placing the seed closer to ground level you encourage your budgies to fly down and upwards and this helps develop their shoulder muscles. :D


I see you mentioned that in your post, perhaps you can modify the stand so that it's only about a foot high?

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We are fast approaching the end of the quarantine period for my birds from the Perth trip, so hopefully this weekend, they will be joining the others in the aviary.


With so much rain, none has blown in , but there has been some nautral run off into the aviary, so ione corner is a little wet. We finally have sunshine and 28 degrees in Sydney today, so the blinds are up, the shadecloth has been removed, and general drying will occur. To let you know how wet it is, every day when I come home, before I let my dogs in, they have to be towel dried. Now, one hates water, hates getting wet, so for her to get wet, it means that she has had to go out in the rain to go to the toilet and has got wet like that. It has poured here - with a lot of localised flooding. I am impressed with how dry the aviary has been.


Thanks to all those people who suggested ways of keeping things cool when it was really hot, and everyone who in the past has suggested ways of keeping things dry when it is wet. The shadecloth for the heat, along with the water on the roof, and the blinds on the side, have made a tremdous difference to the aviary.

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Major clean up of the aviary today, then the addition of the cocks, well all but Caesar, who if people have been following my Perth thread, know that he is recovering from illness.


Well, the boys are in there, and they are looking good. I took some random photos so I will tell you who is who. Any feedback on improvements I can make, or something you think, or even if I get the classifications incorrect, please let me know.


The cleanest aviary floor I have ever had



Drink Containers with Roni-vet for everyone




Look at all those birds






This spangle boy I bought from Ikon, a member of this forum and a person I now count as a friend, from the St George club. He is an 08 bird. I got him as a 6 month old or so.





This opaline cock was one I bought from a breeder in Perth. I have since found out he is split Lutino.



This DF Spangle hen I bought from George, a breeder at Blacktown. Bought as a young hen, she has matured into a lovely hen.



A mixed bag – the grey cock I bought from the same breeder in Perth as I got either Dumb or Dumber sitting beside him, and the grey spangle was also from the same breeder.



Here they are again joined by the cinnamon winged grey green cock who was a gift from the wonderful Perth breeder.



These two – both cocks, on opaline, one not – are from opposite sides of the country. One is named Oscar and was purchased from Abi Hauder, the other, the opaline boy, is from Deb.



Wilde – a green cock I bought from Abi Hauder, a breeder in the Budgie Improvement Society



Humphrey – wondering who all these new guys are



The sky blue cinnamon wing cock I bought from a pet shop in perth, and Kestral, the YF grey cinnamon winged spangle I bought from Abi Hauder



This sky blue cinnamon winged cock is a Henry George bird I bought off a different Perth breeder


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Part 2


This grey is from another Perth breeder and is split to Clearwing. He is next to a Green from a different Perth breeder – the green is named Twitch as he gets a bit scared when you catch him in a net in the aviary, he has a little heart twitch. The Grey Green Spangle is called Midori, and he is from Deb.




The grey/green hen is from Ikon and the hen is a cinnamon winged grey I got from Deb



This mixed group is from top left to bottom right – Milly, an older hen who is the mother of Nibbler and some others in the aviary, a blue opaline spangle hen I bought from George, a breeder at blakctown (I bought her as a young hen and she has come along very well), Kiwi – who some people may remember has recovered from her broken leg – and I bought from Abi Hauder, a breeder near Smithfield, Sebby and Cheese down the bottom left, a grey opaline hen I got from Deb, and an opaline Dominant pied I got from a Kaz.



A cinnamon winged light green spangle and an opaline Dominant Pied, both from Kaz



A mixed bag of pet types and show budgies.

A hen I bred, Pale Ale, the Henry George cinnamon winged blue, the opaline grey hen from Deb, the grey that is split top clearwing from one breeder, and Twitch, from another breeder (both breeders in Perth), Midori, from Deb – a grey green opaline spangle, and Angel – an albino pet type.




A yellow faced blue type 2 hen I bred – Aphrodite – daughter of Milly and Zeus, sister of Nibbler and Athena



A grey green spangle from the breeder in Perth who I purchased the Henry George birds off



Sherbert - my first clearwing



Aphrodite and Nibbler – 2 blue I bred



A grey green opaline spangle hen I purchased from George, a breeder at Blacktown, sitting next to Sif, a yellow faced 2 cinnamon winged spangle I bred.


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Those floors are looking good! I remember the days when my hubby scrubbed the floors once a week!


Now we have sand and it's sooooooo much easier! :D

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