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Well, the big moult is drawing to a close. Those of you who have followed other thread on here know that is has been a season of gains and losses. New births, some sad deaths, some strange deaths and of course some rehomings, with more to come next month.


The struggle and Death of my TCB Norm and the injury to Kim's toes can be viewed here



The very strange death of Kim and Princess can be viewed here



and the breeding success and failures can be viewed here



I thought I would try to keep a regular thread that showed my birds and some possible future pairings, so here goes.


Some pics to start with


Humprhey, my green bird is actually my first bird, and the one that started all of this. He bred with Milly earlier this year, but unfortunately all their young died. I thought i might try him again later. Here he is with a new potential partner in Athena





Pegasis once damaged her leg, and now her right foot cannot bend. It is still used to balance and support weight, just the tendon was severed so the foot cannot grasp things. She is a big budgie. (sorry, the flash bounced off the plastic walls that prevent drafts)



Oscar is definitely part of my breeding plans. He is a beautiful grey, and the bird he might end up with is this beautiful YF blue, who carried the violet gene.





Sebby and Cheese were great parents, but they have caused havoc in the aviary lately. They will remain a pair it seems. If Sebby does not have a red face from attacking other birds, it is green from spinach.




You know when you watch your birds, and they seem to shake out all the feathers, before they sit flat again? Ever imagine what it would look like if you got a photo in that middle stage? I would imagine something like this



More shots to come in the future.

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Nice pics ;)

Even if it does look like they're in dense fog :P

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I really like your green faced mutation budgies ;)

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you have had ups and downs lately, Dave. hopefully things will go smoothly for you now. Sebby seems to be a messy eater and i love the last photo with all the feathers shaken up.

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I hope things will be better Dave they can only get that way right :wub:, wonderful pictures of your birds, I like your skyblue YF that is a great picture to enter in the June Budgie of the Month which is located under Competitions :)

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It has been a little while since I did an update, so I thought I would show some pics of my birds. Some young ones are going through their first moult now, so some colours are changing.


King and 1st among Budgies - Humphrey






Athena and Aphrodite















Pegasis - the bird who injured her leg and almost lost her foot - perching well, although she always looked fluffed, on the right of Baldr (son of Nibbler) going through his first moult



Sif and Gabrielle









Slate, Boof and Humphrey






Geo tail surfing



Tam and Sebby






Hugo and Kids






Group shots



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Shame the picture turned out fuzzy, as a few did. I played around with the camera to get the best shots, without the flash. might need to work on that.


Deb, here is Mozzarella, brother to your 4, and another of Geo. Geo is actually moulting and it seems that he green feathers (she is a yellow faced type 2 sky blue) are being replaced with blue feathers. I always thought it went the other way.







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Thanks Dave for showing me the photos of the brother. Mozzarella looks similar to Laurel and Hardy. Geo's colour change is interesting, my 2 YF type 2's that you have seen are green.

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Your birds look like they are in the wild with all that greenery showing through from outside their aviary, Dave :bluebudgie: Some still moulting I see, like mine. The size of some of your birds is creeping up ;)

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Wow Dave they are stunning !!


What mutation is Gwenivieve

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Your birds look like they are in the wild with all that greenery showing through from outside their aviary, Dave ;) Some still moulting I see, like mine. The size of some of your birds is creeping up :)


I think that is the aim Kaz, to try to have it look at natural as possible. It gets to the stage that some leaves and branches began growing into the aviary, but the birds learnt to quickly trim those.


The young ones are moulting, as is Wilde. Pegasis is constantly fluffed - that is just her, she has been like that ever since she nearly severed her leg. Shame as she is a very large bird.


I am specifically trying to only purchase larger birds now, and the breeding of pet types has ceased, so only larger young hopefully from now on




Gwenieve is a double factor dominant pied, as best as I can tell. She has very few markings. Her father is a dominant pied (Hugo) and her mother is an albino (Angel). Her brother Maika is a dominant pied with even less black on him the Gweni has. Gabrielle is a single pied, so I figure that Angel is an albino that is split to grey dominant pied.

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I LOVE the tail surfing picture.

What is the giant seed ball?


Its a seed bell. It is as much for eating as it is for playing with. They also get regular seed, but the seed bells are a great source of entertainment for them, so they stay.


Well, I have been busy doing some pruning. The grevilleas and callistemons along my back fence were looking too scraggy, so I decided I would prune them, from the bottom up this time. That means I will be able to see the garden bed, as well as planting some ribbon grass in there for decorative effect. The advantage for the birds is that all the pruned branches went into the aviary. So here are some pics of the pruned area, followed by some shots of the avairy from a distance, then closer, then followed by some bird pics of them enjoying the new branches.





Below is the view the budgies have. You can just see the aviary frame on the left.



In the middle of the cleanup (the small bin was not large enough, I filled one of the large Otto bins)



Finally done - a view of the trees and the aviary form a distance




Aviary up close with branches



Birds enjoying their new food/play equipment Forgive the wire. I did not want to go in and spoil their enjoyment.









Just on a positive note, my lutino hen Sunshine who refused to even show any interest in any males has now started to allow a male to feed her in the aviary. I am so pleased as it means that next breeding round, she is a good chance of producing young.

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GO, Sunshine !! I have all my fingers and toes crossed she produces for you Dave :wub:

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Your budgies look like they are having a ball - Your garden looks lovely and neat too :wub:

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looks wonderful Dave, they look like they are having a blast with the fresh branches. :D

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It seems I do not update pics enough. Anyway, here are some of my birds after some fresh cuttings were taken and added to the aviary


Most of these demosntrate why a blue budgie cannot survive in the wild.
















And how bright the flash is on a camera phone



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