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My Birds.

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My budgie pair:


Female -

Name: Cora

Color: Blue dom. pied, YF2, clearflight, opaline.


Male -

Name: Chadwick(my mother was being creative.. I'll never let HER name my birds ever again. (Laughing out loud).)

Color: Grey spangle.








I have a Nanday Conure and a Quaker parrot as well, but since this forum is about Budgies, I won' be posting pictures of them.

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Your budgies look great !! Very healthy and robust. I like the names too, even Chadwick. It has an air of royalty about the name.

You CAN post any of the other birds or your other pets...just post in OFF TOPIC :)

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Great looking birds, and I too love the name Chadwick! As Kaz said... please add pics of your other birds in our Off the Topic section!!! We love all pictures here... oh, and welcome.

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Gorgeous budgies, Cora especially is a lovely colour :) .


Looking forward to seeing some other pics :( .

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welcome to the forum. Your budgies are so cute. If you need any help with anything please ask, there are plenty of people with incredible knowledge. Once again feel free to post your pics of other birds on Off Topic threads... We'd love to see your other birds.

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you have beautiful budgies.

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