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Tribute To Pretty


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I know I am going to be quite busy this weekend and I wanted to do this so I don't pass it by since Pretty was such a special boy in my life and for a short time that he was here is made such a difference in the way I view budgies. He is the very reason I started posting on this forum to find more information to take care of him and now it is almost 3 years later and I have way too many posts and am a global mod and it is really all because of this special little budgie that touched not only my heart but the hearts of many on this forum.


You can click here to read about when he left for Rainbow Bridge. The Day Pretty Went to Rainbow Bridge AND Pretty's Story


It will be 1 year since he died in my hands on Saturday, March 15th. So Pretty...mom and Merlin love you, Hailey still talks about you. You brought so much life into our home and hearts, you were stinky, you learned to talk and you taught us how to love such a wonderful little being.


Here are some picture (some may be dups already on the site)


Pretty's first days home...



He loved the cats



He loved his veggies (but not at first took 3 months)[imghttp://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d51/elly1210/100_1015_400x266.jpg[/img]



He had bad hair days



But no matter what he was always gorgeous



He flew like an angel (I let his clipped wings grow back in and he was never clipped again)



He loved to sing his pretty songs



And most of all he loved Merlin




Never goodbye only until we met again sweet friend....:D

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Brings a tear to my eye :D

He had a lovely life :P

Fly Free gorgeous Pretty :angel1:

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:angel1: Miss you Pretty (even though I never knew you). Lots of hugs to you Elly, Merlin and your family for the 15th... He was a beautiful budgie! maesie xxx

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Guest Phoebe
:P Dear Elly, I cannot believe it has been 1 year since that awful night, I know you still miss Pretty a lot, he will remain in your heart and memory forever! :D Hugs on this sad anniversary.
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Sorry to hear of your loss of such a sweet friend Elly. A year is no time in passing to you when you love someone/thing that precious that loves you & touches you back just as much. It hurts as much today as if it was yesterday.


But you have given a nice tribute to your lovely Pretty. May his soul fly joyfully with your heart & soul now on his anniversary. :D

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l cannot believe it has been 1 year, l'm so deeply sorry for your loss. Pretty was an awesome budgie and you took such great care and gave him so much love.

fly free little angel :rolleyes:

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Gosh.. Its been a year already :rolleyes: Where has time gone..

I remember Pretty's sweet little nature and his love for both you and Merlin..

{hugs} Elly ..

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One year too long to have been apart :rolleyes:

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I wasn't on the forum when all this happened, but i know how much you love your Merlin and can understand how you also felt the same for Pretty :rolleyes:

I'm sorry for your loss Elly :rolleyes:

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Pretty boy,


you gave your family so much love and bought joy to the BBC forum members here with your photos and stories of you at play with Merlin. I hope you are having all the fun you deserve up there in birdie heaven! Fly free and fly long, beautiful boy.


*biggest hugz* Elly.




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thank you all (so sad when I look at his pictures) he had a personality all of his own it is hard to describe.

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I'm so sorry Elly, even though I wasn't a member when Pretty passed away either, it is quite plain to see how very much you love him. *Hugs*


Fly free Pretty :angel1: .

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thank you Becs..today is the day.

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:) Pretty.


Biggest hugs for you Elly on this sad day, you and Pretty will be in my thoughts :angel1: .

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