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Agressive Sherbet

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Tried it again this morning :)


No such luck. Only just got my fingers in and she jumped on them and started biting :(

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Well then ... you have a budgie with PMS.

Allot of that going around ... the PMS. Don't let it get you down. Try again later.


We need DOCTOR Phil of Avians ... he will prescribe budgie barbituates. To keep our little buddies calm & collected. Then they will let us pick em up & let them hook their little beaks into the hole in our ear where our earring use to be, but my GIRLFRIEND SAID TO TAKE OUT THAT RIDICULOUS EARRING you look stupid ! Yer a GROWN UP NOW !


They will hang around with us all day so cool & relaxed singing off key with us & letting us touch them & rub their little belly's as we say " WHO LOVES YA ? WHO LOVES YA LITTLE FAT BELLY ? " Want some Budgie Nip ? Daddy's got some Peppermint Leaves ... shipped all the way from OZ !


It's against the law. And I had a heck of a time telling the International Police that these leaves were just for my baby to eat .. not me to smoke.


How bout it ? No ? You're tired now ? Okay ... I'll just put you back in your cage & you have a little nappy. Night night CRACK HEAD Budgie ... Love you !!!!!


Yup Missy ... yer bird is a PMS freak.


I say get an avian with some good "Barbs" for yer budgie. Or some for you so you can stand the pain while she chews yer hands to shreds.

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