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Is My Budgie Sick?

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okay well kaz as i said before they are not pidgeon feathers as i checked them....

Thats okay I posted while you were posting and our answeres got mixed up :budgiedance:


The colour of the sulpha meds means nothing....it comes in different names thats all...sulpha remedy, sulpha quin, sulpha Q, and Sulpha 3. In the meantime try some PURE raspberry cordial in the water to settle down the "bugs" just for tonight and tomorrow ...the vet.

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Sorry to hear about your budgie. I'd definately be booking in first thing in the morning to an avian vet. In the mean time... dark, quiet room, warm lamp (and any meds the others have recommended if you canget them) Being an inside budgie and then an outside budgie with no gradual transition could have shown up some hidden weakness in your budgie's immune system, or it may be stress that has then developed into something else over time. Hopefully your vet will be able to provide you some answers tomorrow. Good luck for tonight and tomorrow and please keep us updated.

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