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Zeus Being Dominant

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They really don't care if their cage mate is male or female


As if you should get another male or female I have read that having 2 males and 1 female can be better because females can bicker over 1 male or you can even it out and have 2 of each sex.



Well Feathers & Elly ... I am pleased you brought up this. About the sexes sharing a cage.


Most pet shops will tell you a female & a male get along great in a cage together.

But ... 2 females in a cage can be a bad combination ! 2 males in a cage is fine. Who knows why that is ? I mean males do bond better ... must be that football, golf, beer drinking & hunting, cards playing thing that males love to do together. You know when in Rome ... do like the other guy Romans do.


I've a friend who owned (key word there OWNED !) a pet shop & she said she had more hens returned back to the pet shop because one hen in the cage was kicking the beejeesus birdseed out of it's poor cage-mate who was also a hen. She also said that she would recommend to these people to keep the the poor harassed hen & buy a male budgie to balance out the cage demands. One hen will pick the cock as her buddy &

then the fighting hen will not beat up the other poor little bird pecked hen anymore.


Unfortunately .... my friend said allot of times ... that didn't work either.


People like to buy 2 BIRDS. They want TWO budgies as pets to keep each other company. A 3rd bird can mean upgrading to a larger cage & which is more costly & annoying to the owner who just wanted 2 dang budgies in the first place !


And this can cause some more stress on the situation that is happening to the hen that is getting the beating. She is lucky if she is in a newer bigger cage & can run/fly away from the evil meaner hen that is picking on her. But what if the cock decides he doesn't want to be with the evil beast hen budgie either & sticks with the little hen picked victim ? Does this mean he will get his budgie butt kicked too ?


I hate to say it but it's true ! Some birds are just MEAN AS SIN ! When they want to be !


I won't say its alway a hen either. It can be a cock too.


They have their moods & temperments & they want the cage to themselves & the swings to themselves & the perches & the favorite perch spot to themselves & they don't want to share the food or any treats that come their way.


But ..... these evil little nasty birds can be the sweetest birds to their owners & yet even be nice to their cage buddies that inhabit their cage too. BUT ONLY WHEN THEY WANT TO BE.

It's like a right of passage & a awful ordeal your birds have to go thru ... whether they like it or not. I don't know what the answer is. We've all had some taste of this. Or heard it happen to friends & their birds. What can you do ? Wait it out ? Buy more birds & hope it evens out ? Buy another cage & spend more money & put the beat up budgie in the other cage & hope someday they might get along ?




I don't know or think there is an answer to this question.


Wait ... what was the question again.


Sorry ... I love to ramble .... !



I need a donut & I will shut up for a while.

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