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they are cute photos,my birds in my aviary sleep with their heads under their wings but my inside budgies dont.

wow, that sounds odd :D



The thought has often crossed my mind that maybe my (indoor) budgies dont sleep "tucked" in because perhaps they're feeling its too hot to do so?? .. do your budgies still tuck their heads in when the weather is hot???


I think with Charley though its a fear that he might MISS seeing something!!! he's very nosey!!!! He knows if he tucks his head away, in the time it takes to take his head "out" and turn it, something may very well have passed him by!!! :D:o


since my house has air condition in the summer, it doesn't get as hot as outside but l find sometimes my room will get very warm in the winter time, and l noticed that they still do sleep with their heads tucked in.

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Summer here in the city is brutal. There is no airconditioning in the den where the birds are but ceiling fan & other fans. They still sleep tucked up under their wings as hot as it gets here.


Strange how some do & some don't.

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