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I know it has been a while. I got a new camera for Christmas but he doesn't like it (Laughing out loud). He can tell the difference my old camera he flies on all the time and I can't get a picture but the new one he flies away. So I put him on the old camera and got pics with the new camera :).


It will be a year in March since Pretty died and Merlin has been an amazing tranformation. I can truly talk about what it is like to have 1 budgie, then 2 and then back to 1 budgie. Merlin now talks (like Pretty did when he was a sole budgie), he is very friendly, loves to flirt with me and loves to sit on my head and sing. He takes over the keyboard many times. :)


Hope you enjoy. Oh and excuse the fuzzy head look he is just finishing up a terrible molt. I was so worried about him because he got very cranky, quiet and wasn't himself but he ended being okay. He is getting his poof back. The pictures are a little dark because I wanted to capture his violet coloring vs washing it out with the flash.









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He is such a beautiful boy and I loved hearing about his little ways. He looks like he is related to my Big Vinnie.

Go Merlin !! :)

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he is a beautiful budgie, i love the violets. i am glad he is adjusting to life without Pretty.

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He's such a spunk rat!!! and what a poser... :angel1: Pretty

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thank you all...thanks Maise Pretty is so much still in my heart he was such a character very "stinky" he was typical pet type of budige. Merlin is so laid back :)

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Merlin is gorgeous, such a beautiful colour and what a character making you get the old camera out just so he could sit on it :) .

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Merlin is such a beautiful bird :hap:.

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;) Merlin, as always, is TOTALLY gorgeous!!! :dbb1:
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Thank you ladies....I agree is a handsome boy ;)

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He looks so great Elly. I'm glad I popped in to take a peek.

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it is good to see Merlin again, he looks so proud.

l'm glad you posted these pics of him :)

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Thank you Shawna I am glad you popped in :D.

Thank you Birdluv :)

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