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How Much Are They Attached To You?

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Well some times i think that i have spoiled Louy because he is extremly attached to me!

I just have to walk past him and his run up as close to me as i can, i just sit down doing my homework and then ill just give Louy a wink and he will start chirping crazy.


But it is very cute :blush:

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Blinkie is definitely the most attached to me out of my tame budgies. He chirps happily and starts pacing at the cage side nearest me when i walk into the room. He gets super excited when i talk to him in budgie. :ausb: Every night before i go to bed i go get a good night kissy from Blinkie, and if he thinks i've forgotten then you should see him pace and chirp for me. :blush: Gotta love the little sweetie!

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I know what you mean. Holly, the current feathery addition to our household is the most attached to me bird we have had. He likes to sit on his swing in the top corner of his cage and watch me at the dinner table and from there he can happily just about see me when I'm in our kitchen too. He's always there at the front of the cage should he catch a glimpse of me, though he does respond to the rest of the family - since I'm the one who feeds him, scratches his head and lets him out I am obviously number one in his affections.

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