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Budgies Throwing Their Eggs Out

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Hi all

I am new to this site .I have a question .i have 20 budgies and twenty breeding boxes .the birds have been throwing their eggs out of the boxes .just wondering why they do this ? and would they need 2 boxes for each pair ? yes they have been seen mating .


Thanks in advance

Phill ;)

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Hi Phill,

Happy to have you here ;)

In answer to your question, could you clarify for me. Are you breeding colony style....i.e. 20 nestboxes in an aviary with your budgies ? If so, then you stand to experience some problems. Eggs thrown out may well be due to another pair doing it when deciding the already occupied nest is exactly the one they want. So they clear out any eggs in it to make it "theirs". There must be twice as many boxes as breeding pairs and all located at the same height and position with a lot of space between boxes and nestbox entries at various angles so they dont feel "territorial". There's a lot of things to consider if you breed colony style. You would need to be home a lot to watch the relationships in the aviary, the heirarchy and remove trouble makers. Even with all things in place, yopu may still experience destroyed eggs and chciks in nests killed by other hens etc.

If you are not breeding colony style and this is happening in breeder cages, it is normal for eggs to be thrown out of nests if

1. The pair is too young and inexperienced

2. The eggs are infertile and the hen knows it

3. The eggs are damaged.


Here's a link to a topic in our Frequently Asked Questions section ( FAQ )



Cheers Karen

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Hi Karen Yes breeding colony style and have 20 boxes .all facing in the same direction .will change this and watch the heirachy for a few days and remove the trouble makers as suggested thanks again Phill

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Hi Phill, with colony breeding it's always best to have twice as many boxes as there are hens. I lessens the risk of problems.

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it is a lot safer to have more boxes than birds as some females will choose a box and nothing will stop her from having it as she will kill any babies, smash any eggs and fight with the mum and there will be injuries. i had to put a bird down because she defended her box.

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  • 13 years later...

Please help .... I have 9 budgies... 4 females and 3 males. 

I have placed 4 nests of same size on same height... And one additional bigger nest on the floor (had a spare one so placed it in the cage) 

But female budgies keep fighting for eachother nests... They lay eggs frequently and next day the eggs are on the floor with another hen sitting in the nest... After sometime the first hen resumes her nest back but the eggs are already smashed on the floor... And i have seen the males play with the remains of the egg.... 

I am not a professional breeder... just kept budgies as pets only.... but i want them to thrive and have chicks... What should i do.... Please help

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