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Look Who Is Home...

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My sweet Sylvester is home. Poor Jewel was not being left alone at mom's so I felt it best to separate them. If they remained in the same house they would call to each other so he is now back home with me. He has been great flying around as though he never left. He'll still get on my finger and go back to his cage when necessary. I'm trying to spend lots of time with him so he doesn't miss the flock too much.




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awe welcome back :)

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Guest Phoebe
:D Hi Sylvester, nice to see you back! It also puts some "normalcy" in your house after the last few months of late. :)
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Welcome back Mr Sylvester. :D

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Shawna, that is fantastic news, it's like he never left. I am really pleased for all of you.




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He looks great!!!!! Such a pretty bird and I'm glad you have a bird to talk to again.They are great at soothing our souls!

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