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Members Budgies - Variety Of Mutations

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Here is a collection of links which may help you to identify your budgies mutations by comparing it with these members budgies. They are grouped in links by mutation. Feel free to add to them: include your budgies name, any other mutations it is as well as the one you've posted under (e.g. opaline spangle), and it's gender.


Members' Dilute Budgies


Members' Spangle Budgies


Members' Melanstic Spangle


Members' Greywing Budgies


Members' Ino Budgies


Members' Recessive Pieds


Members' Normal Budgies


Members' Dominant Pieds


Members' Cinnamon Budgies


Members' Opaline Budgies


Members' Yellowface Budgies


Members' Rare Black Eyed Self


Members' Fallow Budiges


Members' DEC budgies


Members clearwing budgies


Members texas Clearbody Budgies


Members Lacewing Budgies


Members Crested Budgies


Members Violet Budgies


DO NOT POST QUESTIONS on what mutation your bird is here, do that in the Mutation Forum and then you can come back here and click on the correct link and add your photo :wub: . Thank you!


If you have a mutation that is NOT listed, give Elly a PM




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