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A Quick Question Regarding New Budgie

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Hello to all,well my brother went to the pet shop back on Thursday and bought an ADULT BUDGIE which was GROUPED in the CAGE with ADULTS FEMALES,the main concern if classed as adult female budgie why is her cere a dark pink with white over the nostrils if at least 12 months it should be different right?


Some Additional information,Yellow/Lutino Budgie with black/spots/stripes on wings.


in the matter of ceres she looks like something between this v_lutino4.jpg and this v_yellowfaceino2.jpg

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Did the pet shop say she was that age? If you had a shot of her cere that would help.


Lutino males keep their pink ceres and females should if 12 months turn a whitish tan. You may just have a male but a picture of the actual bird's cere without a flash would help :blink:.


Congrats on your newest addition.

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Any white or tan denotes female. Not all female's ceres will turn tan/brown during their first molt. Some will wait until closer to a year before they are brown, and that is normal. They are just later developers. ;) One of my dominant pied hens cere was whitish until she was around a year old. It does not mean there is anything wrong.


Can you clarify though, in your original post you said the cere was dark pink with a little white, and the last thing you said was that it was whitish-tan, going brown. Is it dark pink or whitish-tan?

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