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Having A Plan

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lol Well I made it to Intermediate Breeder. I took a year off and now ready to get moving again.

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I am Intermediate now to Daz and I was scared to be here but I am already on 10 points towards open and I only did 2 shows this year, so I am really happy with my results but my plan is to stay here for 3 years and then go to open because I am still learning and once you get to open you are against the best of the best, Champion breeders that have gone back to open etc.

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In SQLD to go from Intermediate to Open is 10 points in one club and 3 years. So even with the points you still have to do 3 years. to open.

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I don't think you need to wait here, you need 30 points to go up to any level except Champion you need 50 I think and every year the they take points away that are 3 years old, and to stay in champion you need to keep 50 points all the time. So I need to go up on my 3rd year in Intermediate or I loose the points I have now. The problem is I can go to a shield an dif I am very very lucky and win a class or 2 I would be in open in the following year. Never to be in Intermediate again. You get 10 points for a win, 7 points for 2nd and 3 points for 3rd. And at the diploma shows, you can win up to 10 points at a show. If you win the Diploma that is 10 points but their has to be 120 young birds in the show and 3 fanciers showing, I think, If you win a section like beginners you get 5 points but again their has to be so many birds in a class I think 20 and 3 fanciers showing. and then if you win best adult or young bird in show well that is another 5 points. 10 all up. Young birds you nearly always get the points but adult birds are different, like at the ky show I had best adult bird in Intermediate and then best adult bird in show and then Grand Champion in show but only got 5 points because there was not enough adult birds there. But I was rapt because my bird bet the Diploma bird.( best young bird in show)

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SQBBA Affiliated Clubs


To gain champion status and be recognised as a Champion Breeder an exhibitor must gain


(30) show points whilst exhibiting young and/or Old or Any age birds in the Open section


within a two year time frame commencing January 1st 2009


Show points to be gained as per Table 1 below accumulated from SQBBA affiliated Societies


shows, the SQBBA Preselection Show and the ANBC National Show .


A) Class win at the ANBC National Show 6 Points


B) Selection in SQBBA Team per exhibit 2 Points


C) Champion Young Bird of Show 5 Points


D) Champion Young Bird Opposite Sex of Show 4 Points


E) Best Young Cock Open 3 Points


F) Best Young Hen Open 3 Points


G) Champion Old Bird / Any Age of Show 2 Points


H) Champion Old Bird / Any Age Opposite Sex 2 Points


I) Young Bird Colour/Variety (Special) Award


(Minimum of two exhibitors) 1 Point






:- Points received for award wins are maximum points and not cumulative e.g.


A bird winning S.Q.B.B.A. Preselection and its class at the Nationals would receive the


maximum award points only i.e. 6 points


Maintaining Status




:- The Champion Status to be maintained by current Champions


exhibiting at a minimum of three (3) affiliated society shows and winning three colour/variety


awards, or a major young bird award, or have a bird selected in the SQBBA Team at the


Preselection Show in each ensuing ring issue year.


It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to maintain the record of points gained. The points to be


verified by the respective Club Show Manager/Secretary in a diary which will be submitted to


S.Q.B.B.A. Inc. Show Manager when the required points have been accumulated.


An exhibitor failing to meet the Champion criteria will automatically revert to Open status.


This champion status will



not be another show section: it should be worked from points


gained by exhibiting in the Open section.


If clubs wanted to have awards for a champion section that would be up to the individual




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Hi Darryl  I see that you have just built a new Avery/bird room I would very interested in if you could share who built your shed and any tips on what you did to set it up

I would like to built one very simular to your . I like on the Gold Coast so not to far from were you are in Brisbane

Cheers Howie  I look forward to your reply

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you will b waitn a long time , daz hasn't been here since 2014 , and I doubt he has birds still .

I could be wrong ,  all the best

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On 20/04/2017 at 9:40 PM, Matt Welchman said:

you will b waitn a long time , daz hasn't been here since 2014 , and I doubt he has birds still .

I could be wrong ,  all the best

You will be, I sold the birds over 10 years ago. 

Been into Motorbikes and camping.  Just came across this link back here. 

Hope all are doing well. and all the best. 

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