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New Avairy

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Well as you know I am planing an Upgrade from the modest aviary I now have. up to something a bit more roomier.



I started with this one back in April 2005. Just the extension bolted onto the side of a garden shed.







1 year later I altered the shed to this.


I used to breeding the pergola but know have a breeding room and a flight twice as big.


The shed is approx 2.0m x 2.2m with an extension 2 x .9 x 1.


Now the concreat slab is being extend to an area of 3.2 x 5 m.


My plan was to have that done this week and then leave it.

Sell the old Avairy on ebay before Christmas, Move all the birds in to the garage and duing my 3 week holiday at the beginning of January rebuild the new Avairy, refit it and move the birds back in.......


Well best laid plans of Men and Budgies. The boss cancelled my holidays in January and I am looking at bring them forward to????


okay tomorrow the site will be cleared and the new Slab is to be laid on Wednesday.



Photos to come.

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I love it! I can't wait to see how your aviary expands.


But cancelled your holidays????? :P: :P: :P: :sad: What a bummer! That is just wrong.

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Well we have started.


I was up at 6:00am this morning removing plants




The concrete possed a problem so I had to call for help.






And finally it was gone




....now to wait for the concreator.

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Yep those big rocks, 4 of them need to be pulled out. The concreter is going to be here at 7:00am. What I haven't done tonight he will do in the morning.

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The birds are currently in the aviary. The concretor has prepared the site for tomorrows pour.

I have put a deposit on the new shed. It should be here in 3 to 4 weeks. That gives me time to prepare the new homes in the garage and to get the shed on Ebay.


If anyone is interested in buying the shed. PM me, all offers considered. I am only selling the aviary it self not the breeding cages or nest boxes or cupboards sorry. :(

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:ausb: Just curious as to what the temps are there these days, can do celcius or farenheit. :(


Hi Phoebe, The temperature here is around 29 30 deg C. In the aviary thats about 37 to 42 deg C.

Hopefully the new aviary will be a lot less.



Current Progress.


Concretor arrived this morning and started to prepare for the extension of the slab.






I paid my deposit on the new shed and now wait 3 to 4 weeks for the delivery.

That will give me time to start building the new temporary acomidation.

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Current Up date.


Concreter came, he saw, he concreted.



When it dries I will be washing the shed clean :P

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Costs to date.


Concrete sawing ($ to be advised)

Concrete $660.00au

Shed $2350.00au

Electrical Work $0au I'm a grade 7 Electrician. :blink:

Shed fit out ?????


Total to date $3010.00au


Enjoyment that my birds will get with a larger flight... Priceless. :)

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Good news, I spoke to my closest neighbours who might be interested in the avairy for a shed. Don't know if he can convert it back :) .


Well I have been busy, with the birds needing to come out of the avairy while the change over and modifications occur. I have had to arrange new accomidations.



I,ve started to make 4 Stock cages. 1794 (l) x 449 (h) x 400 (d).


They will be house here in the garage for a couple of weeks.

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:) WOW Daz.. Your aviary upgrades are far more technical than mine :(Laughing out loud): I just advertise for any unloved and unused aviarys and just connect them upto the aviary i already have hahaa.. Last week actually i advertised for some more and i ended up with a big wire one that will make a great flight aviary and a huge shed one that i will connect to it :D Will be my Eclectus parrots home :D
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You'll have to put up some photos of yours una ;)


Update: I spent the afternoon. doing some more wood working on the Stock Cages.




I have to put the backs on, perches in and the cage fronts on.

I'm going to see if I can get some metal trays made up for the bottoms.

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Wood working on the main part is done.

I just need to do the trays, Metal guides, fronts and the perches.



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Thanks Bea, as I said I am now having to do what I was going to do on my holidays in January but as they have been cancled. I am working nights to get it done in time to shift the birds.

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No very happy at the moment. I just finished another night on the stock cages. I finished four out of the twelve trays and have fitted four fronts. I have taken some photos but there seems to be a problem with Photobucket. I can't access it to up load and show the work done.


I now have two nights where I can't do any work at all so have to wait till Friday to keep going.

One small problem two of my hens have started their second rounds. One has two eggs and a fostered one. The other has three chicks out of six eggs. I will be needing to move them in two weeks. Hope they travel well.

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I tryed a couple of times with no luck. But I did get it up and going this morning.






Here they are with the start of the fronts.

I still have 8 trays and fronts to go. Place the aluminium slides in and the perchs.


The area of the stock cages are 1800mm long x 400mm deep and 450mm high.

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