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Understanding The Violet Gene

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On 04/11/2006 at 5:28 AM, Daz said:

Cobalts Violet is the only visual violet, but the violet gene effect so many other colours in different ways.


To understand the violet gene, we must first understand the consept of Sky blue , Cobalt and Mauve. These colours are effected by the dark factor (sounds like star wars :P).


Each bird carried to lighting factors, these come as a Light Factor (L) and a Dark Factor (D).

If a bird has two light factors LL in the blue series it is Sky Blue. In the green series it is Light Green.

If a bird hsa a light factor and a dark factor LD it is a Cobalt in the blue series and a Dark Green in the green series.

If a bird carries two dark factors DD it is a Mauve in the blue series and an Olive in the green series.


Lets look at the Violet Gene (v) it is a floating gene that reacts to the Lighting factors. It can be carried on the Light factor or Dark factor.


Some examples. a Blue series bird that is carring 1 light factor and one dark factor and the violet gene could be writen this way Lv D or L Dv because the violet gene can be carried on the Light fator or dark factor. This bird in the blue series would be a visual violet (Cobalt Violet). It it was a green series bird it would be a Violet Dark Green. This bird would look like an Olive.


Let keep to the blue series birds only.


L Lv or Lv L would be a Violet Skyblue

L Dv or Lv D would be a Visual Violet (Violet Cobalt)

D DV or Dv D would be a Violet Mauve.


To many this would be as far as they would care to go. Breeding Show birds is a bit different . The breeder would like to know what factor the Violet gene is attached to to help him breed the bird he wants.

How dod you find this out. Well if you have a few thousand of dollars hanging around you can have extensive DNA testing done. Or you can test breed.


Example 1.


Cross a Cobalt LD with a Visual Violet Lv D.

(Lets use one way of crossing in genetics.1sts, lasts, 1st to last, last to 1st. )


L Lv - Violet Sky

D D - Mauve

L D - Cobalt

Lv D - Visual Violet.


Note no Skyblues


Example 2.


Cross a Cobalt LD with a Visual Violet L Dv.


L L - Skyblue

D Dv - Violet Mauve

L D - Cobalt

L Dv - Visual Violet


Note no Mauves.



As you can see there is different outcomes from pairing what would look like the same birds.


You can carry this on for all types of pairing.


Example 3


Cross a Violet Mauve D Dv with a Skyblue L L


D L - Cobalt

Dv L - Visual Violet

D L - Cobalt

Dv L - Visual Violet


50% Visual Violet

50 % Cobalt.


Remeber that there is the double factor visual violet Lv Dv.



For those that get it, what is the out come of a Light green bird to a visual violet?


More Information

Producing Visual Violets by Cyril Rogers


Violet Factor Blue Series

Hi, thank you for your information 👌


i have a question..

how to get violet color mutation without i buy one ?


for ex: rainbow

now, everyone know the formula to get it....

Thnks before 

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