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Extremely Nervous Budgie

Guest Lupper1

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Guest Lupper1

Hi Everyone:



I am the owner of Foxy who is 3 yrs. old. He was rescued as a young bird.


Ever since the beginning, Foxy has always been a nervous bird. I have never been able to gain his complete trust. With that said, I have recently been able to trim his claws on my own.


I have been extremely patient with him, and I continue to do so. However, his nervousness is increasing to the point where changing his food and water dish upsets him to the point where he's panting. He pants whenever anyone is too close to his cage, cleans his cage, or gives him food and water.


Whenever I have tried placing toys in the cage, he doesn't move off his perch. He sits in one spot and he will not attempt going to his food and water dish. Whenever I have placed millet in his cage, he does the same as noted above.


In the beginning, I hand-fed him, and then slowly he started taking food and water on his own.


He has no toys whatsoever in his cage, which bothers me more than him.


Another important factor is that from day one his stool is very loose to the point where he becomes pasted and requires to be cleaned.


Does anyone have any advice? Is there something I could be doing to alleviate his nervous behaviour? Would it help to place a small mirror in the cage? He's never had a mirror. Is there something I can give him to help him relax?


This evening, I placed a new cuttle bone in his cage, and I also cleaned his cage. He was extremely nervous, panting as usual, and flying from one end of his cage to the other end.


I simply want Foxy to be happy. I've never seen him play with anything. He doesn't want any treats, anything new is extremely upsetting for him. He does chirp alot especially when music is being played.


I want to ensure that he's having a good life, that he's happy with his environment, and I don't want to stress him out any further.


Please advise. Whenever I see him panting, my heart breaks.


Equally as stressed as Foxy. :)

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If he doesn't like new things in his cage hand the mirroe on the outside for a while and see what he done, it might not scare him as much as if it was in his cage? Just an idea.


Also if he like music and such have it playing while you have to to the wrok around his cage, replacing feed and everything, it may calm him a bit and he might linking the fun music cleaning being a good thing. When you do the workd to you talk and sing to him? That may clam him too.


It sound like you are doing a great job with him though. :D

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It must be very difficult for you,goodness knows what he's gone through before.

Have you thought of perhaps a'natural'toy, maybe some stalks of grass or grass seeds that won't clank about or be too scary? Could you do the cleaning while he is out of his cage? Good Luck, Julie

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Just another thought Lupper1,


Would it be possible to put Foxy into a smaller spare cage just for while you're doing the cleaning out? Then maybe leave that small cage door open next to his normal cage and he may just come out and fly from the small one into his usual one? That way he gets a fly and maybe gets to like his cage?


Also could you let him have a fly in say the bathroom,while you clean him out?

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