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Found 1 result

  1. Dear BBC, I am not sure if anyone can help, but my five budgies are having some serious problems. I have two females and three males. The three males are the problem, my male cobalt budgie ( storm), is the popular one. My blue male ( Raest) loves storm, and is very possessive, follows him around, regurgitates into his mouth, they were like this since day one of getting them. My other male budgie is a lutino, ( chichiri)the avian vet told us he is male, and his cere is not brown it is pinkish and never changed. So, Raest is territorial ( I think) and attacks chichiri when he gets close to storm. so I decided to give Raest a little time out in another cage, ( not long, only two hours or so) as soon as I put Raest into the other cage, chichiri and storm start chasing each other, and then chichiri crouches down , presents himself to storm, and storm mounts him and starts mating with him. Doing the usual budgie mating movements. This occurred four times over ten minutes. By The Way, storm is paired with a female, which he grooms and regurgitates to, the other female is not paired. What on earth should I do, Raest is aggressive, and chichiri is gay, what is going on, and how can I make life a little more pleasant for all my budgies.
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