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Found 4 results

  1. We just got 2 new budgies we are thinking the blue one is a female and that the green one might be a male?? I'm a new owner and I'm having a hard time figuring out their genders.The one we think is female (Blue) has a light brown and dark brown cere we think she is about 8 months old to a yearThe one we think is a Male (Green & yellow) has a pink cere with white rings around the nose which is why we are a bit unsure if he is actually a he
  2. My budgie, Jet, has a black colored leg band on his left leg with the code B13044 printed on it. I've been contacting a lot of breeders about this particular budgie and code combo and I haven't had much luck in receiving an answer yet. I would like to see if the BBC community has any insight or info on this mystery. ALL HELP IS WELCOME
  3. Cathryn


    Hi there! Many of the forum topics have been useful for me with taming my new budgie, Snowy, so thought it was time to become a member ? My husband and I got our first budgie (excluding the family pet when I was growing up) about 5 weeks ago. He was between 6-8 weeks old when we got him. Snowy is a beautiful grey-white-blue mix, and he's full of personality. We went through a short escape artist phase (before we realised he could squeeze through the bars), a gymnastics phase, a cage-floor-obsession phase, a 'I only know how to chirp really loudly' phase, and until a day ago a 'I won't eat anything but seed mix' phase. It's amazing how much he's changed in just five weeks, what an adventure. The bottom line: We love love love our new cute, hilarious pet! Where are we now? He's learning quickly, particularly when he was never introduced to hands before. He developed a taste for millet yesterday and gradually getting better with veggies and fruit. He's at the point of reliably stepping up when there's a food incentive and sometimes stepping up without food. I've recently started taking him away from his cage to sit in a quiet room once a day and he's been a bit scared but not so much that he wants to leave me when he gets back to his cage. Instead he keeps sitting on my finger eating seed or millet. He's also discovered my shoulder but He definitely still way prefers his cage. He's also imitating some of the sounds I make to him. So the next step is to get him a bit more interested in my husband, Josh, who works from home and regularly takes short breaks to interact with Snowy, but is getting a little frustrated that our overly-stimulated day time boy (he looovvvesss singing with the many birds around our house outside) is never interested in stepping up on him for more then half a second. I'll also keep working with him on getting more comfortable with being away from his cage. Anyway that's us looking forward to hearing more budgie owners stories on the forum!
  4. Pretty sure my blue Budgie Kevin is a boy as cere is very blue…. Both are very young… Nellie who I initially thought was a little hen but now I’m thinking male? Her cere is purplish She/he is a little younger than Kev… they get along extremely well and taming so far has been pretty smooth considering (both from a very small over crowded cage at a pet shop with very little human contact ) second photo is first thing of a morning they were all fluffed up after a long preening session…
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