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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys my male budgie has recently started to develop some red marks around his cere (top of beak). And has dry feet. He is eating, but isnt as active as he usually is. Is my budgie sick? What can i do? Please help, any help and/or advice will be appreciated.
  2. Hi, recently I have noticed my bird sitting on the bottom of the cage instead of the perch. Took look to find that she has no feathers around her vent area and she seems to peck on it. It’s red and possible sore. There was also lots of poop stuck there too which I was able to remove. I was wondering is she sick? What should I do? Is this contagious? ( I have two other birds too)
  3. So I've had her for almost two months and I've noticed that the past few days her feathers have been very sparse around her nose and a bit around her eyes. I don't know whether I should be worried or if this is normal. Is it molting? Is she sick? Is it because she's naturally ready to breed? Someone please help! I've never owned a bird before and I'm worried there's something wrong. She's acting fine and eating fine, so I don't know if this is normal or not.
  4. My female budgie has started to get a crusty beak and cere, she has also got growths on both of her eyelids. Could she have face mites? If you know anything about this can you please tell me. I am very worried. She has had it for about a month now. If she does have mites will her cage buddy get them too? ):
  5. For almost a week now, my 5 year old budgie is puffing his feathers, he seems sleepier than usual, and his tail is bobbing. He is still eating, drinking, preening, and his droppings seem normal, but his lack of energy is worrying me. I put a heater in his room, gave him some probiotics and vegetables to help him gain strengh, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. I thought it could be his moutling pass at first, but there aren’t nearly enough feathers in his cage for it to be so. I’m unsure what to do as he still seems alert but still is sleepier and quieter than usual. Should I go to the vet or is this just a phase? (YELLOW BUDGIE IN THE PICTURE)
  6. Hey there friends, my mum came inside from looking at my aviary today, and told me that one of them seems sick. I never saw any of this myself, so I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but apparently he tried to fly back to a perch and fell. She also said that he sat in the corner and closed his eyes after falling. She also told me that he was having trouble gripping with one of his feet. She was also able to pet him while he was on the ground, but this may not be related since he’s the friendliest budgie in the aviary. I handled him a lot when he was a baby. She took him inside in a smaller cage, and then told me all this. At first I was really scared it was a stroke, as I’ve lost a lot of birds that way, including his grandfather. But when I came to see him, he is acting completely healthy. Very alert, flying around the cage every time he gets scared by one of my other birds noises, etc. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with him, and this worries me. The nearest avian vet is almost an hour away, and we have a 5k radius because of covid. Would appreciate help asap, as I’m scared this could be a serious issue.
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