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Found 2 results

  1. hi everyone, my female budgie appears to be sick. She has been in breeding cage with the male that chose her. He is still feeding her, but maybe not enough. She looks fat! Her feathers are puffed up!she laid dud eggs that were destroyed but she has not laid an egg for more than a week. She has Calcium cuttlebone and iodine in cage, i also put iodine or Vitamin stuff in their water and wheatgerm or codliver oil on their seeds at times. my cages get cleaned everyday or every second day! is she just waiting to lay? she sits puffed up in corner. I gave her some vitamin supplement (Multi-Aid) directly in her beak this morning and an hour ago. HELP Help-no discharge from eyes or nose nothing that i can notice..............................???????????????
  2. I want to ask you some question 1..can budgie recessive pied be also opline ? 2.. what the cheeks will be if i breed male recessive pied × female clearwing? 3.. can i have opaline yellow face sky blue from this mate Male opaline yellow face light green split blue × female opaline sky blue Sorry for bad English
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