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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! I've just brought home our new feathered friend! I compared a lot of pictures to try and discern for myself and tried to pick a male. They all appeared very young and the lighting was bad so I had a difficult time. What's your opinion on gender? Also since I'm so new, what's the correct variety term? Any guesses on age? Thanks so much!! I tried to capture with natural light as best as possible, but I think there's still a white shift toward the cool side.
  2. Hey, I'm a new budgie owner of 2, and I've had them for about 2 weeks. I have a blue one who's name is tofu and a green one who's name is olive(I think they're both male but I'm not sure). I've been trying to train my birds, and tofu is way more social than olive. olive often freaks out when people get too close to the cage. At the moment, tofu will sit on my hand, and olive is okay with just taking millet but not on my hand. My problem started yesterday when i was trying to feed olive and then tofu aggressively pecked at him. This caused olive to back off and not eat the millet. I tried again today and the same thing happened. I am really worried about his sudden aggression. What should I do. PS sorry if this is rambly this is my first time posting on a forum
  3. Hi all I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I accidentally got into breeding when I saw two lonely looking budgies in a sparse cage in a pet store. I bought them, brought them home, got them a more suitable birdcage and started feeding them a good diet. Well, they have been breeding ever since! The male is a green and yellow English budgie named Desi and the female is mostly white with a bit of blue and her name is Delilah. I am hoping to learn a lot about budgies and breeding here. I also have two male budgies, housed separately, that are from the first clutch. They were handled because mom and dad didn’t do a very good job the first time around but have gone on to become fabulous parents. My first question is that I am concerned about Delilah being overtaxed. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do she just keeps producing one clutch after the other. I have tried removing the nest but she becomes frantic emptying every food dish etc trying to make a nest and will still lay eggs. I have tried separating mom and dad but they both become distraught when they can’t be together. How do I get her to take a break? Can anyone tell me the proper terminology for their colours?
  4. Hello all. I am new to this and I have 10 budgies in my flock. Now what I am concerned about is breeding myself in a corner. I would like to know what is too close in breeding and what is allowable? Would it be okay to breed father to daughter? Or wud it be better to breed half brother to half sister? I have one hen who is a violet mauve. I would like to focus on breeding violets. Since I only only have with the visual violet factor, I will have to breed related birds.
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