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Found 3 results

  1. Alright, well I guess you can guess why I'm here. I'm back in the budgie world and I want to know what my birds are and you lovely people are the ones to help me. Oh, I can make some guesses but I've forgotten most of what I used to know and I'm too lazy to go back and research it from the start so I've come to you guys. Thanks! 1) 2) 3) 4) I'm dreadfully sorry about the horrible pictures.... They will improve I promise!
  2. So here is the latest clutch of 6 from Wild and Splotch. Splotch is a son of Pebbles and BamBam shown previously under "sexing some new babies" topic on this forum. I have included descriptions below but if there are any errors please feel free to correct me. I will load a picture of the dad, Splotch at a future date but for now I believe he would be classified as a cobalt or violet pied split to ino and opaline. His mum BamBam was a violet opaline and his dad a recessive pied split to ino and dilute(greywing). I think Wild is a Single Factor dominant pied but not sure how to describe her colour. Maybe yellow faced green? Baby 1 - a single factor dominant pied but white face with blue markings. - female? Baby 2 and Baby 3 - cobalt and a cobalt pieds - both male I think. One has a small white dot on back of head which what I think might make him a pied. Baby 4 - Albino - has to be a hen I believe as neither of the parents are ino and also this therefore must come from the dad. Baby 5 - Creamino - a bit of a surprise - I suspect this will also have to be a hen for the same reason as baby 4 but I must admit I expected that a creamino would come from a lutino/albino combination so nice surprise. Baby 6 - my guess - an opaline single factor dominant pied cobalt - female. As I now believe that the dad splotch must be split to opaline since opaline is a sex-linked gene(carried by male) and his mum was in fact an opaline violet. Also I suspect that any opaline babies would have to be female as neither of the parents are opaline. Please feel free to comment or offer any corrections on what I have written above as I am still learning mutations/colours. Also to the moderators, I seem to have heaps of problems typing into the boxes on this forum as letters are left out so I usually resort to typing in a word doc then cutting and pasting. Is there another way around this?
  3. Please help me identify the mutation of my beautiful, but unusual looking baby budgie. His parents are gorgeous. My male is a blue and yellow dark-eyed clearflight and my female is a gray factor, but that's all I know about her mutation. I'm providing pictures of both Mom and Dad and baby. I know it's difficult to tell in the picture, but baby is a soft, baby yellow, with dark gray spots on his back and his abdomen is slate blue (dark blue grey). He's stunning. Please help me identify his mutation, as he's super unusual and I've never seen another budgie that looks like him before. Thank you so much.🙂
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