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Found 2 results

  1. This is Cesar. He is still quite too young to breed, I know. But I am unsure of what mutation I should get him in his mate. I don't know Cesars whole background regarding his genetic mutations. All I know is that he is full english/show budgie. Mother was a blue (possibly cinnamon I believe). I saw both parents but the lighting was dim and the mom's black markings didn't look very black, more brownish. The Father was a dark factor green, but the woman I got Cesar from said that the dad is a possible split to blue? I think? lol sorry, I'm really not much help (neither was the woman I got Cesar from). Cesar had a brother as well that looked just like him. So mutation wise, would Cesar be a normal green (maybe cinnamon? his markings on his back is definitely not black!) split to blue? I just recently started reading about genetics, its so confusing, sorry about my ignorance on the subject, still learning. Apparently from what the woman said her previous clutch with the same parents had pieds (dunno if they were dominant or recessive or if they were blue or green). So now I'm confused with which mutation my boy's lady should be when I go pick one out. I can't even pretend to have any idea what female would make some nice mutation chicks with Cesar (if any). I'm not setting my goal high, all I'm trying to achieve is at least one baby that isn't green, if possible. I have lots of experience breeding cockatiels and budgies, this is just my first shot at the mutation side of pairing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Please help me identify the mutation of my beautiful, but unusual looking baby budgie. His parents are gorgeous. My male is a blue and yellow dark-eyed clearflight and my female is a gray factor, but that's all I know about her mutation. I'm providing pictures of both Mom and Dad and baby. I know it's difficult to tell in the picture, but baby is a soft, baby yellow, with dark gray spots on his back and his abdomen is slate blue (dark blue grey). He's stunning. Please help me identify his mutation, as he's super unusual and I've never seen another budgie that looks like him before. Thank you so much.🙂
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