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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new here, and I've been trying to tell if my yellow/lutino budgie is male or female, and I would apreciate if somebody could tell me since I'm not really sure, I think it's a male but I need others opion.
  2. I am a huge bird lover and have mainly had larger parrots in the past (cockatoo, king, Lori) I had a budgie as a kid and have decided for my current lifestyle budgies are the best bird for me for now. These two are bringing me much joy and the get along great and already responding to a small amount of training and can step up etc. love preening each other! Only very young and pretty sure of Kevin’s sex (blue one) as his cere is nice and blue…..Nellie is a bit younger and hers is purplish at present I initially thought she was a little hen but now I’m think maybe a male too? Love the way the fluff up when they preen each other first thing of a morning….well Nellie does more to Kevin than he does to her/him.
  3. Hello all, I found this forum searching on the internet and I am glad I did because it seems to have just about all sorts of info on budgies and budgie-mating, which is what I am after. Four years ago we purchased two budgies, a green-yellow one and a whitish-blue. The green-yellow was definitely a boy but we thought the white-blue was female. I am questioning this assumption now. The whitish budgie got eventually very hostile with the green-yellow, which we found dead one morning. The white budgie is a very intelligent and very temperamental bird. Rarely scared of me at all, very bossy, playful and extremely loud. We then bought two new budgies (4-8 months old) (a boy and a hen again) to try the mating process again. I put them in their own cage, then about 2-3 days later put the white budgie with them. The idea was that now I would have two females with one male and that the new couple would somehow intimidate and calm down the white budgie. What I noticed is that the white budgie immediately dominated the cage once again, started befriending the female new budgie, but once again, was extremely hostile with the new male budgie. This made me suspicious that all those years we were wrong about its sex and that there was a possibility that the white one was a male after all. I am posting this message and the following pictures, hoping that the more experienced budgie breeders will be able to help me verify my budgie's sex. Thank you all in advance. Konstantine Here are some pics of the white dominating budgie with undefined sex http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white1.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white2.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white3.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white4.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white5.JPG Here are some pics of the new male (I think) budgie. http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale1.JPG http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale2.JPG http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale3.JPG http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale4.JPG And finally, one picture of the new female budgie: http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newFemale.JPG
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