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Found 3 results

  1. My family and I are so thankful we came across Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. We spent days researching other various Red-tailed Black Cockatoo breeders beforehand and did not get a positive feeling or see positive reviews on other websites. From start to finish, I felt very positive. We just got a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo from DeVoy Country Labs recommended by Trustwizards. The process was smooth and it was great working with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo but I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND buying from Lost Forest Siberians because she scammed me and my family of $27,700 plus extra $2450 i spent in treatment. My lil guy has had breathing issues, Very sensitive skin with allergies. He has a pigmented eye with allergies. His eye drains, and stinks so bad. He has a underbite where I had to get 4 teeth pulled. Ear infections, where he has had to go to the Vet 7 times at $350 each visit and gonna have to take him back. I have spent so much money on him, it’s ridiculous. He is/was a BAD BREED. He is a sweetheart but has had way too many issues, for a $1700 Shitzu and I’ve had to put at least that back in him. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM LOST FOREST SIBERIANS!! We reach out to Trustwizards Hackworld recommended by Trustpilot, trustwizardshackworld (AT) G'mail and was referred to WhatsApp phone conversation which they helped me reclaim my $27,700 plus the treatment money i spent which in total i was refunded back $30,150 funds from Lost Forest Siberians because we paid to her btc wallet. I had a fantastic experience using trustpilot and finally having to meet a trusted and reliable recovery expert @ Trustwizards Hackworld, but you MUST be careful. The owner @ Lost Forest Siberians I texted multiple times for several weeks to make refund, and I was NEVER thought was a scammer. After i paid the fee on bitcoin wallet, which was $27,700. If anyone asks you for money directly or seems shady, don’t do it. Maybe I was lucky to have been able to reclaim mine but if ever fall victim to any scammers be it crypto or any kind of recovery of scammed funds. Message @trustwizards_hackworld, telegram or send Gmail— I stand as a testament to the outstanding services provided by trustpilot and Trustwizards Hackworld. They are more than just a recovery service; they are a beacon of hope for individuals like myself who have fallen victim to crypto theft.
  2. Picked up some new birds today. Love these little guys. <3
  3. Hello all, I'm a very new and young budgie owner and this is my first time owning budgies and need help. I have 2 male budgies, one named bobby, and one named charli. They have been together ever since we bought them and were only a few days out of the nest when we got them so they are fairly young. We have only had them for a month. We have noticed that during the day they will fight a bit whilst in their cage but never outside of it. Tonight when I got them out and had them on my shoulder every time I pat them bobby made a really really weird noise then would bit the living day lights out of my fingers and nails, none of the biting broke the skin tho. Then charli started biting me as well tho he wasn't making any weird noises. Then out of no where they started fighting each other on my shoulder and when I tried to break it up I had them both biting me. Im just concerned about them making weird noises and biting me. This is the first time bobby has never bitten, thought charli has bitten me before. Does anyone know what this means and what I should do? ( there is a video attached of the noise) Thanks. IMG_0524.MOV
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