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Found 1 result

  1. My female budgie laid a total of 7 eggs. 5 of the eggs have currently hatched. The oldest baby budgie is 10 days old, and all other budgies look healthy and their crop is full! However the latest budgie born was yesterday morning. It is now 36 hours later and his/her crop still doesn't look full or to have anything in it. I am so worried for this little guy. The fact he or she is alive 36 hours later, someone must be feeding the baby correct? I know they can live off the yolk they ate but not for 36 hours. How long can a baby born budgie live without feeding? I am very concerned. I checked the nest and the little guy is hard to see because the other budgies are a lot bigger. I moved the bigger budgies over a little bit so that the mother could see this little guy and feed him. Do you have any advice? Should I hand feed the baby? I know this is a big decision to make. I don't believe the mother is ignoring the baby I just feel like the other budgies are bigger and getting more of the attention. The fact two more eggs are expected to hatch concerns be as well I don't want them to get ignored as well. Is it possible something I can't see is wrong with the new guy so she is consciously ignoring the baby? Any advice or help would be great.
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