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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! I’m new here, but my name is Aleesha So, I recently bought two new baby budgies on Saturday, on the 25th of April. One is 8 weeks old (Skye) and the other is around 5 weeks (Sunny). The breeder told us that they were both male by rubbing their cloaca, but I’m not sure if this is an effective way of sexing (If anyone knows, please let me know). They were both supposedly hand-raised, but when we bought them home, they were terrified, which is understandable. The second or third day we had them, my dad grabbed them out of the cage, and forced them to be held as he said this would ma
  2. Hi people! Wondering if someone could help me with the mutations of my birdies? I once knew but cant remember now.. Also while we are here, who would you pair and why? What colour babies could i end up with? Lets go with Sven (blue male) as number 1 and Minty (my little lady) can be number 2 i think she is opaline golden face but is her colour skyblue?? Shes like a greeny turqoise colour. Svens back (1) Mintys back (2) Teeko, male - opaline cobolt or violet??? Number 3 Pixel Number 4 - This is an OLD picture. havent got anything new of her. Recessive pied?...
  3. Hi All, I was just reading back over my breeding diary for 2009! What a long time ago that was! Since then I think I have only bred once. Tragically, one of the two chicks that were hatched died unexpectedly and the other escaped from her cage - she was too smart for her own good I say. Anyway, I'm back into it again. For good hopefully. The happy couple are: Aussie DSC_3160.jpeg and Able DSC_3141.jpeg And the beginning of their family: DSC_3159.jpeg Looking forward to them hatching. (Due date...April 5th) Have a good one!
  4. So here is the latest clutch of 6 from Wild and Splotch. Splotch is a son of Pebbles and BamBam shown previously under "sexing some new babies" topic on this forum. I have included descriptions below but if there are any errors please feel free to correct me. I will load a picture of the dad, Splotch at a future date but for now I believe he would be classified as a cobalt or violet pied split to ino and opaline. His mum BamBam was a violet opaline and his dad a recessive pied split to ino and dilute(greywing). I think Wild is a Single Factor dominant pied but not sure how to describe he
  5. Hi there, Hoping some of you might like to offer your opinion of the sexes of my latest clutch. Baby A - Albino Baby B - Yellow faced pale blue dilute? spangle/light wings ? Baby C -Albino Baby D - Blue spangle Baby E - Blue pied Also love to hear how you would describe the mutations of mum and dad - and for those of you into the genetics, you may like to commnt on the colours in the babies. Dad- Pebbles - one of my favourites - loves celery with a vengeance And mum Rainbow - finally has fulfilled her life long ambition to raise successful clutch
  6. Hi All I'm asking for my 16 year old who has the budgies and LOVES them all so dearly. We had a set of parents with 3 babies in a separate cage while they had eggs which have since hatched. Today our daughters new much larger cage arrived, so she transferred parents nesting box and babies to the new bigger cage, thinking more room to fly as they are ready, will help babies. Now the mother has disappeared or escaped somehow. Would a mother abandon her babies? Did we do the wrong thing moving them into the bigger new cage? Will the mother stay close to the cage with babies or tak