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Found 7 results

  1. High Thought I would start a thread rather than hijack others. So at this time I have 7 birds in an outdoor aviary. 4Hens & 3 cocks. All hens are interested in breeding boxes including "Mary", grey spangle hen who is being quite disruptive and just wants all of the boxes for herself. Today I completed my first breading cage and plan to put the longest standing pair into it tomorrow. This pair will be Zilla, a cinnamon Cock and Bell a nice cobalt blue hen , these two have been dirty dancing for quite some time now. I think Mary will have to come out of the aviary and spend some time living with people. This will leave 2 pairs in the aviary Snuggles Yellow spangle? cock and Tink a pale yellow hen, and Jaws Yellow spangle? cock and Bell, a Blue pied hen. This is my first serious attempt to let my birds breed so here goes.
  2. Hi people! Wondering if someone could help me with the mutations of my birdies? I once knew but cant remember now.. Also while we are here, who would you pair and why? What colour babies could i end up with? Lets go with Sven (blue male) as number 1 and Minty (my little lady) can be number 2 i think she is opaline golden face but is her colour skyblue?? Shes like a greeny turqoise colour. Svens back (1) Mintys back (2) Teeko, male - opaline cobolt or violet??? Number 3 Pixel Number 4 - This is an OLD picture. havent got anything new of her. Recessive pied?.... I havent got any pics of her back but she has a couple of dark little feathers. only picture i have that shows Pixels back spots (4)
  3. Hi guys, just wondering if you've used, or seen anyone use, these cages. They are for sale on eBay and look pretty classy. Cheers, http://www.gtmall.com.au/stack-vertical-bird-breeding-cage-with-center-divider.html?
  4. Hello. This is my first posting. Am dealing with a second clutch hatch in which the third and last little one is significantly younger than the other two. At what point (agewise) are these little ones savable? Is it best to remove it from the clutch entirely, or try to supplement and hope it becomes strong enough to demand the parents' attention?
  5. Well Hello All, I'm not exactly new, but I haven't been here for 6 and a half years. Can you believe that? How could I?!? (gasp) But it's true. Funny how life get's like that hey? Anyway, I decided to return - the good samaritan - and all that time I've had budgies. It got down to two for a long time there. And then I bred them for one family's worth and then I had four. And then both of my males (Butter who I'd had since like 2007/2008 and his son) died and so I was left with the two ladies. (Who it's my personal opinion got pretty sick of each other's company.) Then my little sister got excited about breeding budgies so she bought two little lads from the budgie guy up the road and here we are. Two of them (the older female, Oi and the blue boy) have paired up and the other two just ignore each other by the looks of things. And now we're just waiting for Dad/Grandpa to make us some new breeding boxes hopefully soon and we'll be able to start this awesome hobby up again. So that's the run-down on this slacker's life. Can't wait to get back into the BBC thing and brush up on everything I've forgotten. Love, Miss Katie
  6. Hi all hope every one is enjoying the silly season. To start this journal a little background. 2013 season for me was a test run and a very steep learning curve. Produced lots of very nice pet birds that were snapped up within 2 days of advertising. I made some predictions regarding what I was expecting to see from various pairs of birds. Am quite pleased to say that, from the visual aspect, I was pretty accurate. Some pleasant surprises came form the multitude of splits and mixes in my original breeding stock of pet birds that came from various pet shops and colony breeders. I have also procured some very nice beginner to intermediate show type breeding stock and am hoping to participate in BCV comps over the coming year. As of last week I have moved house, was planning to leave 4 brooding pairs at the previous location until chicks had fledged. As we have a forecast of up 40 deg C and the breeders were in an outside aviary I was running the risk of cooking the chicks and damaging parents if left. I made the decision to move all nests to my new location. In doing so I ran the calculate risk of stressing brooding hens and have them turn on the chicks so move them I did. The risk was worth it as all chicks and parents survived the move with little distress and no injury's. The new breeding room for the summer is indoors and climate controlled and will be using this setup during the hotter months Dec, Jan, Feb and March Currently there are 7 nests in operation 1. DF Spangle hen yellow x Olive violet spangle cock4 Eggs with 6 pinkies 2. Dark green grey Normal Show type cock x YF grey Cin spangle show type hen6 eggs 1 pinkie to date 3. Grey Normal cock Pet x Cobalt normal hen Pet 5 eggs 2 pinkies 4. Grey Dom pied cock Pet x Grey Dom pied hen Pet. chicks almost ready to fledge 5. Light Green spangle cock pet x Albino hen Pet no eggs yet 6. Olive spangle cock Show x Yf grey cin spangle hen Show. No eggs yet. 7. Cobalt Normal cock Show x Cobalt opaline hen Show. No eggs yet So whats in the nest now The breeding room will soon be re configured and will accommodate a total of 12 large breeding cages for show type and 12 smaller Breeding cages for pet type. In the cooler months I will expand the operation with a further 10 large and 20 small breeding cages to be housed in the garden shed come breeding house. So the 2014 season in going to be a lot of work but hey this is what I do with my days.
  7. Hi all! I have 4 pairs of budgies, all 10 months old and are about to start their first cluch! One of them is already sitting on 4 eggs (might be more later)! Now I have another lonely 2 y/o male budgie who is desperately trying to get a female buy since they are all taken he is alone. I am sure that if I get another female he will court her. The only problem is that I am afraid that now when all the pairs are headed to start their first cluches, adding a new budgie will stress them and they might stop the cluch they are about to start, or worse, the pair who is sitting on eggs might abandon them. Remember they all have never had a cluch before so its gonna be their first time. What should I do? Get this female? Wait a bit? Thanks all!
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