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  1. How did the eggs go? Did you get any bubs and if so how are they and how did they turn out? Good luck.. Just one Question "If that is the case the blue spangles suggest that he is opaline." Are you saying that my sky spangle is opaline?
  2. Great pics bea.. very cute
  3. Happy birthday beautiful girl..
  4. Lady

    My Birds

    very nice nerwen..
  5. I don't think he is opaline, he looks just like creek ( one of my birds) Creek is split to opaline yours could be too. Also can I just say that with an opaline spangle cock and a spangle hen you will not get Split to opaline cocks.... If in fact he is opaline then all hens will be opaline.. If he is normal then none will be opaline but if he is split to opaline then you can get both some opaline and some not. A spangle hen will not give you split to opaline cocks, she needs to be opaline to get the split cocks.. Hope this has helped..:hap: This is one of my spangles split to opaline.. And this is creek his brother they are both split to opalie..
  6. I would put him with another violet if in fact you have a violet or a cobalt. You wont get any mauves with a sky.. The Mauves need to get 2 dark factors remember. One from each of it parents, so your parents should have one dark or 2 dark factors to get mauves.
  7. your welcome nerwen.. Even my YF DF spangles have white under their wings because they are a white ground bird..
  8. I think he is a green dom pied split to blue, as he does not have the blue under the wings. A true YF would have the blue under the wings. like this one.. Also has anyone sugested that mum may be double factor Yf which in fact is a white faced bird that is of couse if all the bubs were infact all YF.
  9. Lady

    Hen Or Boy

    The picture you are talking about with the "large white nasal rings" ..
  10. Lady

    Hen Or Boy

    The pictures you took are they with flash or natural light? "Elly I was going to say boy too at first but then I saw the large white nasal rings I think within a few more weeks it cere will change more and it won't be so on the fence." Elly can you copy and paste this picture you are talking about please?
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