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  1. Too much (for human)! I have now 15 budgerigars. The main difference is that now even the females sing!
  2. You never ever clip the wings. Your petvis not for you – you are for your pet There is absolutely no reason to clip the wings. You may need to clip the tips of their nails, but better than someone else does that.
  3. I'm a pro: If they lay eggs then hen. Otherwise undetermined, but I strongly suspect a cock if the bird in question has a tendency to jump on the hens back and his tail goes quickly underneath the hens tail a few times.
  4. Are there other budgies around?
  5. I handween my 3 months old, now 6 months, almost every day. That's how you tame them enough. While it is emotionally satisfying for the pet owner to have a dependent budgie it is not good for the poor bird. Selfish humans do NOT really love their birds because true love is sacrificing yourself rather than exploiting your pet because of your feeling of love and affection. The same goes for human relations. People do not understand what love really is.
  6. After getting the last two budgies upping the wing count to twelve the activity of all my budgerigars raised. I suggest everyone to test if six budgies is the best minimum for flocking birds like Melopsittacus Undulatus!
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