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  1. 3 brothers . -> video - recessive cinnamon's very soon i have a box of yellow pi/r-whites my new websites online at the end of 2022
  2. the only bird in the world in df dark eyed clear with coupled factors of opaline pi-r-pi-r-xop , because to be able to do this bird you must have god in you from above I assure you don't forget these birds in ef or df blank birds have no splits because both the pi and r are paired and all their facets and gamets are full, everything is paired in whites. even this many don't even know, this is not a white pi/r bird first white = always pi/r , this is not a real blank bird second white is ef blank pi-r df blanks is pi-r-pi-r , but this boy is pi-r-pi-r-xop to give ef and df blanks such formula , is very difficult in hollandsbirds and takes years to handle this. video -> pi-r-pi-r-xop - df dark eyed clear or df blank
  3. whoehahaha A black eyed self bird should have their back, rump, breast flanks and underparts all an even shade of colour throughout. if you don't know anything boy just shut up about the pi factors because I don't think you know anything. the chance that from df dutch pied cobalt x sky blue recessive , you always get pure black eyes in pi/r = 5% on 100% , pure black eyes belong to the white BLANK birds NOR TO PI/R YOU DUMMIE , because they carry coupled factors that are linked and visible between pi and r , which the first black eye does not have and bears no visible r factors boy . and then the blue back phenomenon can pop up in the first black eyes even mauve , I have those even , without any forms of dark factors from two white pi/r birds so 0 dark factors suddenly get sea navy white and mauves , like me even if you don't know anything then keep silent, you should read good formula books like beckman and harrie vanderlinden
  4. and where are those dec's , i dont see any here ... before you say dec , lear between pi/r white and the blank birds pi-r and pi-r-pi-r , such a dummies . not one bird on the picture have anything the do with pi factors not one blablabla
  5. ef and df dominants can never be clearflights , and not split at all , that does not exist ask yourself this question , why do dutch pieds x recessive , black eyes and ef and df dominants x recessive not do you think ? same with a clearflight or clearflight born from a white black eye x recessive , why don't dutch pieds come out , mmm . the pi factors of dutch fur from the pied matter are the most difficult of all budgerigars, and there are very few in the world who understand this, not even judges. if you know the answer to my questions, feel free to answer but bitter few will answer, because they don't understand genetics for that you really have to have a high iq. ef dominant out a dec you are a ******* lair , you talk nonsense
  6. at the video above many are now going to say this dark eyed clear , but this is a gross mistake. this black eye in the video is not a true blank bird because blank birds of pi do not wear splits ef blank = pi-r df blank = pi-r-pi-r this bird in the video is ef hollandsbirds/recessive born out of ef of df dutch pied x recessive the bird does not even carry visible r factors because this is not even possible and in these nests no paired factors will ever be born visible between pi and r , and those who think that an ef or df blank bird can be split for r , may walk along with all nasser because this does not exist, read beckman and you will know what time it is. the bird in black eyes is the only one of its kind of pi factors that can be born with pi/r which is also very logical because if you don't understand the formulas very well how else would you calculate the pi-r and pi-r-pi-r be able to grow pi-r do you think !! by the way pi/r = 50% pi and 25% split r pi-r is visible 50%pi and 50%r pi-r-pi-r is visible 100% pi and 100%r so in other words there are 3 different white formulas and 3 different gels of pi factors and 2 dutch pieds ef and df but all nasser is not that smart whoehaha .. and for real dummies a dutch pied can never carry coupled factors between pi and r visible like the white birds because otherwise he wouldn't be blue but white, but all nasser will never be that smart, knowledge comes from god elohim
  7. visit my website very soon online for good stuff in budgie , you wil learn from the best... breeder of hollandsbirds , anthracites , slate , blackwing , dutch pieds , whites in pi and yellows , smal half english and english . video -> hollandsbirds and antracite breeding next step is enlargement , follow on my server of 4 terabyte at the end of 2022
  8. video is blocked by youtube , if you wanna follow me , i have my own server back online at the end of this year. , this forum is more death than death if you ask me...
  9. dutch pied (ef frosted) opaline / recessief 2019 born of no visibble opaline fcatoren , so books are morons and god is god. i am alot smarter than mutavi dutchergod is a special bird that was born from the impossible. his father born from df dark eyed clear x 2f mauve violet , then you get 4 youngsters 4x pi/r these are normals in dutch pieds , but not always , sometimes clearflights also appear , and from research even though they are split for r , x r , if they do not carry some form of pi locus , tests have shown that not every clearflight produces black eyes , which is written in books is air.. now his father was a cobalt visible ef dutch pied /opaline-recessive, you will wonder where does the opaline come from, well this story is even better from the old father from 2005 to 2010, the opaline factors in 2010 had died out, because from this old bird of the past of mervilde , x recessive I had only white birds , and best of all was 6 dolls and 1 white man , then he died , but what mervilde could not do was in the hands of a god in budgie genetics. because the only white man was pi/r-xop x pi/r sister, we got a special man on the whites (white is not white pi/r but pi-r or pi-r-pi-r) but my bird was on the string of pi the xop coupled because then we get this pi-r-pi-r-xop (whites don't carry split xop in blank birds but alot idiots dont understand pi factors) because this is not possible. this is why the dutcher god his father was split opaline and his aunt is also still alive the picker doll ef dutch pied opaline from 2017. now the dutchergod on video was born from no visible opaline factors , but his father was ef dutch pied /opaline - recessive x recessive , for dummies now a wise lesson , if you mate a dutch pied with recessive you can only get black eyes unless the dutch pied split for r is there can also be dutch pieds. in my case the pupa was recessive cobalt , recessives can not be visible carriers of opaline facators also the pupa does not split , let this sink for a while , because many will no longer be along . so what clearly happened here, the recessive mother was clearly a carrier of hidden opaline facators, otherwise this man would not be born, and this has been thoroughly investigated for recessive pupae because I already have several. this is something you will not find in the best formula books , as i said i am the ******* god of pi , all nasser is not touching my ankles yet , because if you read on his website df dark eyed clear / recessive then you must be very stupid and ********* for an inspector.what wear df dark eyed clear 100% pi and 100% r coupled and visible how are you going to make this bird split r then you are ********* in my eyes and then you shouldn't come whining or talking to someone like me the dutchergod video the opaline factors come from an old df dutch pied that lived from 2005-2010 when didier mervilde failed to breed with this df dutch pied he left it to me but was very old, he had failed like many. but i knew that english on english wouldn't succeed with this bird, so opted for color budgerigar and that was the rescue of the epi factors because had to go quickly because after 2 rounds he was dead and the opalin fcators were extinct. but I ran them back over all the formulas of the white birds from pi/r to pi-r and pi-r-pi-r to get back to the normals. something like that can only prove a god of formula, because for that you need a lot of knowledge, experience and patience.
  10. There are a lot of stupid people on this forum. first of all, both blackwings and blackheads are recessive in inheritance and the chance that you get permanent black birds from a stock is non-existent. many think when they see some black spots that they are going to get there this is non existent, neither with flecky mutation nor with coalface mutation, there is a lot more to it than some here think. to obtain black budgerigars in the core and cortex, you certainly need all of the following 1/ df dark gray of the normals 2/double ath formula = anthracite 2/ slate formula = x-sl (ino lines) 4/opaline formula. xop(ino lines) 5/not unimportant is that dark colors appear from pi factors . but the problem is many don't have formulas of ath and slate and pi fcators in their breeding loft, and the intention is that all this string must come on 1 bird visible by the way, the photo above me of the budgerigar is a coalface, but there is not even a certainty about that, the only certainty is to go if you mate 1 of his youngsters back to the father or mother coalface or then in this litter several come , if not you have a freak of nature . and please post the same picture of this blue cub when it is 6 or 8 months old, he can easily have a normal head then, don't post any bullshit because this cub is hardly 6 weeks old, so all bullshit
  11. this is a cinnamon or lacewing dont matter , but very bad wing drawings. if i must judge that bird i give it 0/10
  12. ef cobalt spangle ( cobalt are never violet )
  13. the title says it all, but your title is pure nonsense. Suppose you are a breeder of pi factors and you only have 1 then it is advisable to hurry up as soon as possible because if you die only pi factor is game over and you will not just get them back. it is pure nonsense what you told in I have been doing inline cultivation in pi factors for 20 years, the biggest nonsense I call this. suppose you have 1 ef dutch pied and 1 recessive and the couple has 2 first white boys pi/r and you really want a df dark eyed clear how do you plan to get a pi-r-pi-r do you think , by brother and sister to cross. and once you have this boy you will increase by the crosses with a larger recessive there is still a lot to learn here if you ask me , by the way increasing from scratch has nothing to do with how voraciously a bird is friend , but the different plumage of the bird itself. crossing in and inline and inbred is necessary if you know what you are doing.
  14. proclaiming something online and making it public without putting eggs in a dead father's nest and then proving that the revelation was correct is god with you. my knowledge in pi factors is very large, greater than from books. you should know what i know... daughter born of a divine bird. her father is dead from March 29th - 2021 , but as of today the divine father has not changed a bit . some awesome videos online have proved what no breeder could yet prove, that the dead father hung cloning his self without eggs and it was done even though he was dead, she is the progeny of a true divine bird. ef dutch pied sky blue opaline / recessive from april 2022 divine dutch pied born out of death
  15. for good sense the white bird was born from an ef dutch pied x recessive , so this is not a true white bird with visible pi and r like the real whites ef and df dark eyed clears. and that is precisely where the shoe pinches that many do not understand the matter. the first white is always and the only one with pi/r because he is not a true dark eyed clear , he is a normal white with split r , white birds wear pi-r or pi-r-pi-r and never the split sign / the clearflight ef frosted is born from a white bird and always carries the p factors on its head, these are the gene factors of fur and genes left behind. ef and df dominants, on the other hand, only carry p factors but can never inherit pi factors from the prototype, nor can a blown clearflight that we call clear pen. beckman wrote it like this , it is a selective form of the prototype but never said he is or possesses pi factors that is also not possible by the way so don't build castles in the air because on this forum are many people who know nothing about it. all nasser wrote on his website it took me a long time to understand this matter but to be honest he doesn't understand it , and what i have discovered what books have written is full of errors. by the way, did you know that the dutch furs were already there in the year 1864 that is different cake than what is in books because even before that there was already a blue bird with bleached breast from above and that tells me more than what books have written and I think the prototype was more than 100 years before the official date, by the way perfect investigations on pi and p and r factors on the normals and vice versa on the 5 different formulas of pi have exposed this by the way , recessive was never for the pi factors because he is a born bird that comes from dominant traits that have become recessive , the factors prove this just like ready pens , ef and df dominants. as I said the smartest who walks around in pi factors what really goes on with a df dark eyed clear 4x25 gamet in pi are linked to 4x25%r factors and that means everything is full even the opaline factors on white and violet factors have confirmed this, but books are not so far they think they know a lot but know nothing... this is a gift from god example of a study pi/r x pi/r white , get young and make in the nest from 0 dark factors , so the parental pair and get 2 white with navy in the back and mauve in ******* white , so here is the proof that both parents possess the v factors. that someone manages this you are going to be in good hands with budgerigars on the pi factors, they don't call me the wizard and budgie god for nothing video in english about pi factors
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