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  1. What would the expectation be for pairing a full body grey wing parblue female (split clearwing) with a SF yellow recessive pied. (One yellow parent, one white parent to produce the yellow recessive pied)
  2. Back to other discussion on this thread. Is it possible for a spangle to be a clearflight pattern and create the DEC or does the clearflight need to be of 'normal' genetics only?
  3. Normal- grey wing recessive. So will they be normals or grey wing?
  4. The green looking one is SF par blue- the golden face takes the yellow away making the bird aqua.
  5. Dragging an oldie out into the open again. The greywing x recessive pied wasnt mentioned again. If there needs two grey wing alleles to produce grey wing and two recessive pied to produce recessive pied, what do we get from greywing bred to recessive pied?
  6. The mother is next to the normal blue. She was bought with a green male. When put to this blue normal, she had a dec white. I was told the dominant pied if they have a small mark on their head shows they can be split for recessive. I am only repeating what the person who sold me said their heritage is.
  7. okay. What about this one. His mother is DEC, but father a green unknown. Could he be split for clear flight?
  8. They say to keep the grey wing and the cinnamon away from a texas clear body. - otherwise it fades out the colour. I imagine much like your example.
  9. Parents look like a dominant clear flight pied to a recessive pied to me- which is why you have a white iris ring baby. (Colour between the legs and pure black eyes is basically the recessive pied indicator.) All you need to do is breed back to recessive pied, then clearflight and you'll get a dec rare baby. Double factoring also wipes the colour out. Not sure if there is such a thing as Dominant pied df.
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