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  1. There are a few ways too tell what sex your budgie is. One way is to grab your bird and hold it upside down and like it or not feel it's private parts I'm preety sure if there are two little balls close to each other it is a boy and two little balls far apart a girl correct me if I'm wrong Two wait a few months and the cere will turn a colour if green or blue a boy if brown a girl Hope this helped if wrong then reply and tell me Bye
  2. Hello my fellow budgies I would like to talk about taming your bird. It may seem hard to do but no. 1. Step up put you finger under the breast and make it step up and perch on your finger and keep doing that If this helped then we can talk more on this topic bye for now
  3. Coco was my rainbow budgie she did anything to be a good girl and I will NEVER forget her I have a new bird called sparky who is her replacement and kid you not he is so naughty the exact opposite of Coco Love you always Coco ❤️
  4. I have one like that his name is sparky and also idk
  5. This is one of my birds her name is bazil and she laid some eggs recently
  6. I'll attach the photo in another reply if you want just ask me
  7. Hello I wanted to know how to tell if my eggs are fertile without touching them and leaving them in the nesting box aka breeding box I have 4 eggs on pinkish white one and 3 white are they fertile if you need a photo I'll attach one in something Bye hope you can help
  8. Hello I have 4 eggs and want to know if they are fertile I have three white ones and a pinkish white one
  9. Hello I have 4 eggs and want to know if they are fertile I have three white ones and a pinkish white one
  10. These are my eggs are any fertile
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