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  1. Thank you for your response. I will know have to have a read about coalface to better understand. I was aware there were no black budgerigars in Australia and I wasn’t meaning to waste anyone’s time I was just very surprised and when I showed his picture to someone of a budgie club trying to understand why he looked like this and he made me feel that I had a freak of nature and although he may look odd he is a beautiful loving fledgling and definitely a fantastic family pet. I made the post in the hole of better understanding budgie genetics and mutations.
  2. I currently have a 6 week old boy that has a very black head at present and his throat spots remind me of a beard (gets this from his dad). Both parents are opaline clearbodies and dad is cinnamon to boot. Obviously he hasn’t had his first moult yet and I did originally as he was getting feathers that he would have a white head just like Dad but now I think he will be majorly flecked. I do think that his father has some serious melanin as he has very dark blue grey feet much darker than I’ve seen before but maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention. Not sure if this is posted in the right area but can anyone offer some advice on how dark his head might be upon maturation.
  3. Hi I currently have 5 chicks still in the nest the oldest being 3 weeks old today. I was told that the cock is a sky blue cinnamon Texas clearbody and the hen is a yellow Texas clearbody. 2 of the chicks are appearing to be blue and I noticed today the oldest chick appears to be yellow but I’m thinking they are cinnamon as currently they appear yellow and brown. I was expecting that should any cinnamons appear they would be blue and female but is it possible they be yellow cinnamon Texas clearbodies? Still trying to understand the genetics here.
  4. I have brought from Nunawadding Birds and Pets and have brought some rippers. I recommend dealing with Johnny who works there Sat/Sun and have found him to offer the best advice. All the budgies I see there are club rung not that is any guarantee but coupled with Johnnys knowledge and advice it’s well worth the look.
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